Friday thread


I’m seeing my cat for the first time in almost three months. I can’t explain how much I’ve missed him.

what has everyone else got going on?


And I’m still working on Thursday (end is not in sight :frowning: )


Handsome cat!

I’ve got some more music to do tomorrow/today technically.

Not really even sure why I’m doing it now its just so I feel like I am doing something with my day and don’t go completely mad.


iPads are terrible for typing.


Have to run a horrible workshop at work, absolutely dreading it, countered that by drinking :beers:

Really wish I had a pet. Miss my parents dog.


Just got in from work. Five hours sleep then up and back into the office again.

LCD Soundsystem at Ally Pally afterwards though.


That last bit has reminded me of one of my favourite posts on newDiS


yeah I need to work today/tomorrow but not tired at all :frowning:


Stiiiiiiilllllll working.


what do you work as?

I’m still lying awake. I’ve had this sort of insomnia since I was a child. can’t ever pack a bag or prepare for something the night before or I won’t be able to sleep. I think it’s hardwired into me that you prepare for things right before doing them.


Morning Friday folk

Not particularly happy about being awake before 5am, but this seems typical of my brain recently to decide it is a perfectly good time to be up with nothing to do.

Enjoy your cat reunion @DarwinBabe :smiley_cat:


Woke up at 5.30, didn’t I?

Good old anxiety-induced insomnia…


Morning guys.

Feel much better compared to yesterday thank fuck.

Work, then meeting a friend for a drink.


A Friday thread… Started on a Thursday?



Today is my last ever day of working Monday to Friday. Result.

Zero plans for the weekend as things stand. Might go and Tory it up and have a go on the par 3 golf course with my pals tomorrow.


Kinda a hybrid role of management consulting and data science in the healthcare space. Last night was the first release of our main app for my main client. Hence the late one!


Hey team. It Friday. That’s all.


got maybe 4 hours sleep great


It’s Friday. Work drinks tonight. Picking up my Tory membership card in the morning. Watching Curb on the train. Pretty good.

Nice mist over the fields:


It’s like we’re in a really rubbish club today