Friday thread

Good morning.


Too much work to do, too little time.

My son got a medal from the mayor yesterday (for a summer reading challenge). Very proud of him, but also well jealous. Where’s my medal???


Oh yeah, please chat about your stuff too. how rude of me!

Congratulations miniwarn! I’d like a medal please, on account on it being my Monday, having a fuckload of work to do and it being my birthday and all. Where do I collect this medal from?


It’s my Tuesday m9. On the late, so working until 9. meh

Morning all!

What a lovely sunny autumnal day. The kind of day where I feel I should be driving round winding country lanes at speed rather than sitting at a desk in an office. Maybe I’ll take the scenic route home later.

Glad it’s Friday, and only a two day week next week. Woo!

Must pop over to the music board and see what new releases are about.

Did an acting workshop last night.
Got really into it and got a bit sweaty.
Looked around and no-one else was sweaty.
Got self-conscious about being sweaty.
Made an excuse and went to the bathroom.
No paper towels, so just got loads of toilet paper and used it to dry myself.
Went back and carried on.
Someone sheepishly pointed out I had toilet paper on my face.
Didn’t bother trying to explain.
Clawed at my face until I found it, put it in my pocket, said thanks.
I think I made an impression.


Had my first ever teeth-falling-out dream last night. Always felt like I was missing out before. Front-left incisor in case you’re curious.

Oh yeah, think I’m going to become an official beaver leader (leave it!)

I need a bird name.

Suggestions please? I would quite like to be ‘bird of paradise’ but I don’t think that’s going to fly (ha!).


On a course. Breakfast pastries provided. Pretty happy…

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Exciting times!
Auntie GP!

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my wife suggested dodo :frowning:

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Tit obvs.


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Just about to smash a roll & sausage & scone, since tummy upset seems better.
Today I’ve got some work in the office this morning, then going to go to spin class and then a sauna and steam, quick meeting in the afternoon and then leaving for the early train home. GLASGOW HOLIDAY WEEKEND.

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So glad that it’s jumper weather again.

Doing some mild penoiding this weekend, and otherwise might go to a flooring warehouse or something. I’d really like to move house now, please.

It’s quiet enough at work that I don’t feel under pressure to do any actual work, which really makes the day drag. It’s quite a nice problem to have, but god I’m bored.

Need to clean my flat today as we’ve got 5 people staying this weekend for a friend’s wedding. Got toothache.


I was going to take today off because I’m exhausted and burnt out but there’s too much work to do so I guess I’ll not take the day off.

Going to some folk-music-cum-theatre bollocks tonight, all I want to do is sit in my pants and drink beer.

Someone overtook me into oncoming traffic in a 30 this morning. I was doing 30.

Fuck off.