Friday thread

“Numbers, can we go to this thing in 4 months time?”

looks up from phone

“yeah whatever”

This has happened to me so many times.


Do you see where you went wrong


i am having a second breakfast

going to the isle of shite later :roll_eyes:

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When it’s that far in the future I assume that I’ll be a happy and sociable person by then

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oh ffs. had that familiar “why is everything quiet” feeling on the way in today so knew something was up. even run into mr & mrs @keith just swanning about town.

should i go home? might go home


I’m having breakfast in Wirksworth. 136km left today. Its quite windy, there is a lot of standing water about (this is now the cycling thread)


Actually feeling really smug about taking a hard line on this stuff. The other day 'er indoors said “[former colleague I’ve met maybe twice] has invited us to her wedding reception. It’s a ceilidh, so I’ll go and then I’ll make up an excuse why you can’t come nearer the time.”

Perfect. Frankly, she’s lucky to have etc.


you should go home! We’re only off on monday, not today, but I’m hoping that the gym is dead at lunchtime and I can have a private pool sesh.

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Why does that look like Iwan Rheon?

I can’t believe you’ve done this. Again.


i’ve got something that needs doing so might try to get that done then also fuck off to the gym and just not come in monday

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Hi everyone! :airplane: to Hamburg later and it’s gonna piss it down all weekend WOO!

The good thing about a ceilidh is that you can feign an ankle injury and then quite legitimately just sit on the sidelines and get pished while everybody else gives themselves a stitch doing strip the willow.

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ooh you’re going well. don’t get swept away.

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really really not in the mood for work today m9s

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I don’t think either one of the happy couple is Scottish or Irish, so I might just claim I’m boycotting it for being cultural appropriation. Good way to make sure I’m not invited to anything else for a while, too. Everybody wins.

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what are you Scottish people on about?