Friday Thread

My auntie’s chickens kept eating their own eggs so she released them into the wild and bought new ones :persevere:
been worrying about them ever since

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Well, that wasn’t what I expected opening up a daily thread. Hope those chickens are ok, when word gets out among the local wildlife that they eat their own young then it’ll be known they aren’t to be messed with.


Anxiety levels rising today because of non-standard scheduling and having to rely on other people. Feeling dizzy already.

Getting my bike today though :tada:


I’ve just run out of coffee. Got a new subscription starting next week so I’ll have to get an emergency bag today :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Knackered today. Weekend = nothing tonight (pub?), going to Thame to see some pals tomorrow; BBR to Teapot Island and beyond on Sunday which completes my 12 month streak of doing a 200km+ ride every month :blush:


Was gonna a have muuuesli but put oats in my bowl

If life gives you oats, make porridge, I always say.


My colleague’s chicken escaped and went on an adventure. She looked all round the neighbourhood for it but couldn’t find it so thought a fox must have got it. Then one of her friends saw a post on a local fb group - “Found - 1 chicken”. Someone had captured it and taken it to their mate who had chickens and lived in a nearby town for safe keeping.

So she went to pick it up and when she got there the bloody thing had escaped again!

Thankfully they were able to find it and I don’t think it’s escaped since.


I’m in an Internet cafe putting the finishing touches to an essay before I print it out and run for a bus. Haven’t gotten up at half-six in a long time.

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it puts the muesli in the bowl or else it gets the oats again


chicken run

mornin all

slept really badly last night and no idea why. very unlike me.


Recorded another interview of the Kalenda Music podcast last night. The collaborator for that month was an old friend of mine so it got derailed a lot and Chris whose project it is didn’t seem happy about it at all. I think that resulted in the best one yet.

Got a fun weekend ahead, quite excited.

Going to a halloween thing tonight (spooky) where we’ve been advised: “The actors can touch you but you cannot touch them back”.

Sat & Sun daytimes doing an improv course with some people from Loose Moose Theatre which should be interesting. 6 hours each day, so pretty intensive. Then standup set in Heerhugowaard Saturday night (me neither) and an improv show in Amsterdam Sunday night. Woop!

catch me if you (chick)can

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I was going to post a picture of that awful chicken in a can thing but it’s far too early to look at that.

Morning all :slight_smile:

Laura Veirs was ace last night. Sadly didn’t get her to hold up a sign or comment on @anon82218317 's dress :frowning: there were too many people crowded round the merch stall, including someone who manages one of our partner agencies. Plus I’d forgotten to write a sign.

The drive home was interesting: the A10 was closed so we ended up having to drive down Ten Mile Bank in thick fog. I don’t think I’ve ever driven on a road less suitable for motor vehicles.

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So happy its friday and half term next week. Its been the longest term ever.

On a plus note i taught my reception class about plastoc consumption and asked them why its bad for the ocean and one said “because plastic goes in the ocean and it can sctratch the fish and whales” and i was so impressed i put him on the superstar and he was so giddy with excitement and pride he cupped his face with his hands and shouted “OH I LOVE YOU!”


Hungover and depressed. Just as well I’ve got to spend the weekend with the in-laws then.

Back at work for the first time since last Friday. Motivation levels are loooow. Playing with the baby, cooking a lovely breakfast before that though.

Working all weekend :frowning:

More China photos incoming!

Left Shaolin this morning which made me sad because there’s been a kung fu festival on and the last few days we’ve been surrounded by 50,000 little kids in uniform running through the streets

Stopped at a roadside stall and had something that was like an incredible cross between a samosa and a spring roll and cost 10p.

Then went to the Longmen Grottoes which were pretty ace



Now heading to Xi’An which is apparently a ‘cosy’ city of just 9 million.


Off to a wedding today (not mine!). Working on music in the dark in our hotel room while the TV has a lie-in (I am incapable of lie-ins)