Friday thread

How are you all?

I woke up at 5.30: early enough to feel like I haven’t had enough sleep, but too late to successfully manage to get back to sleep again :sleeping:

It’s a gorgeous day though.

How are you? What do you have planned for today and this evening?

Today: work
Tonight: dunno

Cba mainly

Time to cycle to work :grimacing:


Got up to see son off to school - had coffee, banana and a sit down, now thinking about having some toast

Daughter 2 is training it to Birmingham today to spend the weekend with daughter 1 at uni - reminds me of going to stay with my sister at uni when I was the same age

No work today - I will definitely be getting down to the decorating and not not doing any like yesterday.

Think I might make a massive chilli tonight


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Morning ccb. Got a day off from the group today so I’m pottering about and taking it easy. Sat in a cafe having a very tart lemonade, had a pizza earlier which was a nice change from rice, rice and more rice. Going to spend big at the night market tonight.

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One of my workmates came in this morning with a criminal scheme he has devised.

Rather than using stamps to send mail, simply put your address as the destination address, put the address you want the letter to go to as the sender’s address, then cross out the destination address and put RETURN TO SENDER on it.

I pointed out that it’d need a stamped stamp on it to show that it had genuinely been through the system, but he argued that not all letters are stamped. He may be right, I’m not sure.


I don’t thibk this would work, sorry

^exactly this

Got a couple of pals coming to stay this weekend so looking forward to that. Work… not so much.

Someone’s trying to banter with me over email about a catholic martyr. Do i ignore it?

hate it when that happens


Woke up at 3 :open_mouth:
Had serial killer related dreams thereafter, until I got up at 6. :frowning:
Good ride in this morning though - not quite cold enough for two pairs of socks.


I did a little funny reply. I’m not witty though. It’s like the high judge of Cambodia or something too.

Don’t take that shit, mate


Were you the killer or the killee?

Nice crisp morning out, no other dog walkers so felt like we had the place to ourselves.

Watched George Clarke’s Old House New Home last night, there was a normal-looking couple there probably late-20s who spent £80k tarting up their SE-London house. Can’t watch these programs without thinking HOW HAVE YOU GOT THIS MONEY SPARE?! Jealous? Yes, actually.

Arghhh thought I’d managed to miss the sermon this morning but arrived just as it started. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Quite like how Jesus is referred to as ‘el pequeño señor’ sometimes. Makes me think of a baby in a suit.


The father, the son and the boss baby


Hi ccb et al. Pal’s coming down from Huddersfield today and is taking me to see New Order at Ally Pally tonight in exchange for a one night stay in Beard House which is very generous of him :slightly_smiling_face:

Wife-o’s photographing Nadal and Federer and a few other finalist lads today as part of some ATP thing. I wondered if Barry Hogan was going to be there and she asked me if he’d won the Australian Open :neutral_face: