Friday thread


Thanks babes!
I couldn’t have done it without my DiSers support :slight_smile: x



Shit. What a horrendous story. Phenomenal that Amnesty got the situation resolved. Teodora sounds like an incredible woman.

No way am I following this with any anodyne musings about my day.


That’s a great word and I’m going to use it liberally. Specifically in the sentence, “how come I have to do all the scurryfunging around here?”


My bf had his brother and his bros girlfriend over the other week to watch the football whilst I was out so I said pls make sure you have a little tidy/pick up and he promised he would.

Come home to find about 3 of my dirty knickers still on the spare room floor for everyone to see as they went to the bathroom. Thanks bf.

(apparently it’s my fault for leaving them there in the first place??? rude!)


Stupid ear congestion

Listening to ambient music while doing a bit of writing-y stuff cause it doesn’t sound so weird with one knackered ear


So tired. Just about keeping on top of work. Would be quite nice to come home to my family each night instead of going to hospital BUT he’s doing ok after a rough week last week and that keeps me going.

Moan over x


Oof, that’s bad. Of all the things to leave out. You can’t only clean up exclusively your own mess either - if I did that the house would still be 90% as messy as when I started. Not that I’m annoyed or anything.

Oh god I feel A Talk is in my immediate future.


nah man, each day is as valid as any other, if stuff like this doesn’t teach us to celebrate the joy of the minutae of our own everyday lives then it doesn’t teach us much - anodyne the fuck out of every waking moment

As for ‘resolving the situation’ …it’s one battle won and of course victories should be celebrated but it probably does need to be tempered with the fact that we haven’t succeeded in changing the law in El Salvador - we succeeded in getting Teodora’s sentence commuted to 10 years, she wasn’t pardoned or acquitted

…and there’s an even worse case (if you can imagine that, honestly I can’t even bring myself to post it on here, certainly not in the Friday thread) coming to trial in El Salvador next week that we’re frantically working on. So… swings and roundabouts innit. But yeah, today I’m just gonna bask in the glow of Teodora’s heroism and try and learn as much as I can about how amazing people can be even in the face of the most brutal oppression



Daily standups at work have taken a farcical/only semi serious ‘name something you appreciate’ at the end of your roundup. Today I stated I appreciate that I will not be made to list things I appreciate in the standups, ever.


Just been down the tip for the first time as an independent adult. Oh the fun of chucking a load of cardboard and polystyrene into big skips.
Bits of polystyrene all over the car now though. Hopefully there were no more mice hiding in boxes…


I felt like some kind of Greek demi-god when I launched a set of shelves into the big skip the other week. Incredibly satisfying.


feel disproportionately sad about this. used to go to the mozzas café quite a bit when i lived down there

Folkestone Morrisons supermarket catches fire


At one particularly fluffy place I worked, we had to state something that ‘made you happy’ at the end of each standup. Fucking horrible.


helped clear out my ex’s nan’s flat a few years back, and we got to chuck a load of furniture into the big pit/crusher thing at the tip.

started off with significant reservations about wasting perfectly alright furniture. by the end we were rampaging around the place looking for more shit to hurl in. outrageously satisfying.


the use of the term “stand up” in this context is making me disproportionately angry

got visions of a load of DiSers doing terrible stand up comedy to unimpressed colleagues

“so guys, does anyone in here use scissors to cut pizza…?!”


can’t believe it’s been 17 years since them slags smashed into the twin towers. still freaks my nut out to this day.


“sitting down”


hi @meths


can you swear on this?