Friday thread


an absolute triumph of the ‘quality not quantity’ philosophy


Returning to Norfolk from a windy week in Shetland. Looking forward to seeing Mrs FC and the funkycalves again!


Holy moly, how is Big Train 20?!?
This is still up there for me


Fancy starting a Big Train 20th Anniversary thread?

I love Big Train.


I’ll do it now, then I really must go out!


At Subway. Fucked it again.


I know that Amnesty is the world’s largest repository of stories and case studies of the unspeakable brutality of states towards their subjects. But this is without doubt one of the most horrendous ones I’ve ever heard. What a remarkable woman.


what did you go for


say you’ve got friends visiting from the UK quite unexpectedly, and you’ve cancelled tonnes of plans including a concert that you’d already paid for to see them/accommodate them, would you feel aggrieved that they’d left to go on a day long activity without telling you because they couldn’t have possibly waited half an hour for you to finish work in the morning?

  • Yes, I’d be a little bit pissed off
  • No, its fine

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did they tell you they were going to meet up with you?


yeah, they said (group of…8 people) that they’d be up for lunch after I finished work, but instead they’ve gone on a day long wine tour without telling me, so I’ve just been sat at home twiddling my thumbs for hours.

don’t usually get pissed off at this sort of thing, but am fucking fuming tbh. might fuck the whole thing off and go and visit my fam in a different town for the weekend/go to the concert i’d booked tickets for.


yeah ok that is definitely shitty, just wanted to clarify


also wine tour!


Is that the lad out of Deafheaven? Nice to see he’s diversifying.


i would definitely fuck them all off and do whatever you were originally going to do

nb this is probably not the best or most helpful thing to do just what i would do


you’ve got friends visiting from the UK quite unexpectedly!


I’m watching someone publicly chow down on a soreen loaf :love_you_gesture:


Are they tearing bits off first, or going at it whole?


Tearing lumps. It’s Still cool to see though


Jokes on them, I went on that wine tour years ago and it’s a bit shit.

But still.