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Playing the sensual panpipe cover of Sexual Healing very loudly as no one else is in my office today. Colleagues in office across the hallway are enjoying it (I assume)


i used to arrange my sausage and mash to look like a hedgehog, the mash was the hedgehog and the slices of carrots were the spikes. hang on i’ll see if i can find a pic (21 years old i was).



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In St Albans listening to British Sea Power soundcheck through a poorly soundproofed door. They sound exactly the way they should.


A ruddy bloody fish and chip van has rocked up outside my house!


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sitting there hearing her story first hand was incredible and meeting her was amazing - a truly remarkable woman as you say and she’s out here fighting for others

but as I mentioned to @weeber upthread there’s a case in El Salvador that comes to trial on Monday which is even worse

if you can stomach it (CW: child rape, extreme trauma)

Imelda Cortez Palacios, a girl from extreme poverty in the El Salvadorian countryside was raped continously by her stepfather (50 years her senior) from the age of 12. She eventually became pregnant as a consequence of this and last April, at the age of 19, she gave birth to a daughter in the outside toilet of her family home. Imelda had no idea she was pregnant - she had experienced regular bleeding throughout the pregnancy and assumed she was menstruating.

Imelda has explained to her lawyer that ‘I felt tremendous pain and something like my insides falling out. I screamed and called for help and then I blacked out’. She was bleeding heavily and taken to the nearest hospital. When she arrived at the hospital the hospital staff called the police and within minutes she was arrested for the attempted murder of her child (which is how the abortion law is framed in El Salvador) and she was immediately put in pre-trail detention where she has remained since then, April 2017.

Adding to the sickening absurdity, Imelda’s daughter, who was found in the outside toilet, survived and is alive and unhurt but still Imelda faces charges of attempted murder which carries a sentence of between 20 and 50 years. Imelda has of course protested her innocence from the start and explained that the pregnancy was a result of the sexual violence she suffered at the hand of her stepfather. Despite this it took 10 months before the prosecution agreed to a DNA test of her daughter and her stepfather, now 70, was arrested in March this year.

In September they had a pre-trail hearing and the judge decided to go ahead with the prosecution with the trial starting on Monday (12th November) all this despite medical reports submitted to the court that Imelda had a natural birth and the child shows no signs of injury.

so yeah, if you want to do something there’s a petition here - you can just put ‘’ as your email there if you like

This is the hard extreme end of what happens when you have a blanket ban on abortion …makes me feel sick to the stomach that there are people thousands and thousands of ‘pro-lifers’ out there aggresively campaigning to essentially make stories like these more common



I was asking myself why I was reading Friday posts on a Saturday.

But this has justified it entirely :grinning:


worth mentioning as well, as if the above trauma is not enough, is that Teodora told us yesterday that after losing her baby, she was taken to the police station and held in a cell where she was bleeding heavily and in extreme pain and in need of urgent medical attention. After 5 hours the police chief came into her cell and said ‘We’re not gonna have you die here, you can die at the hospital instead.’ They took her to the hospital under armed guard and she lost consciousness on the way there. The next thing she remembers is waking up in the hospital in handcuffs and with restrainers around her ankles and the entire room was filled with journalists and TV reporters and it was a big CHILD MURDERER headline news story immediately. This also lead to the fact that she was sent hate mail & death threats during the pre-trail period & when she was sentenced and taken to the women’s prison where she was to see out her sentence she was immediately met with threats of violence from the other prisoners because of her ‘crime’ and the warden decided to put her in solitary confinement for the first 3 months for her own safety

It was five years before she realised that she wasn’t the only person imprisoned for the same crime and that there were 16 others in her prison there for the same reason. Shame so deep it took 5 whole years to talk about. Really brutal oppression on the deepest possible level. I really fear for Imelda having to step into the same world.


Can’t imagine what it’s like for those girls… no words. Signed of course, thanks for doing your amazing work.


There are no words. Just fucking horrible. Signed.


cheers Tuna & @weeber
it’s a weird old time working with this kind of stuff every day, thanks for signing