Friday Thread

Awoke at 04:10, can’t get back to sleep.

Might start WFH now and napping later. Meeting GBOL @anon76851889 this evening for a beer.



(in Brisbane)

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Got some bicycle wheels arriving at some point. Will go for a ride if they’re not coming until this afternoon. Need to go and pick up a tool from a friend later.

Besides that the flat needs hoovering and I’m gonna finish my book. And eat bread from my new BREAD MACHINE


nephew managed to sleep all the way to 6am this morning


quite looking forward to going back home tonight. might sleep forever.

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Morning all.

Off to Cancun via an hour in Toronto, today. Nore in that later though. Now i must shower and spend an hour and a half being unnecessarily frantic.

Have a great day.

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Awake nice and early because I had one of those lovely dreams/nightmares where a loved one dies while you’re powerless to stop it, so that’s good.

Might get up and have a coffee. Pest control are coming at nine anyway.

Work, obviously.

are bing the rabbit’s parents also rabbits? why are they much smaller?

what the fuck

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Nice! Which one did you get?

Morning all. Bit of a crap night’s sleep: youngest woke up, then there was a ridiculous succession of children getting up to use the toilet and then letting the cat* into their room and then having to get an adult to remove it and then listening to the cat scratching at the door. Reckon I was awake from 3-5am.

Today we’re going to my dad’s new lady-friend’s house for late Christmas day. Which will involve my eldest takes ages to settle and having no quiet space to get away from all the madness and being repeatedly told “she’s fine!” - by which they mean “I am tolerating your child” not “she is evidently having a good time” (which she isn’t)

Wish I was back home.

* my sister brought her new cat with her.

EDIT: probably being a bit harsh on my dad. Can’t imagine that Christmas is easy for him in this house. Just wish he’d been upfront with us.

Dog’s already impatient for her walk. Mate it isn’t even light yet, you can do one tbqfh. Working again today - got so much done yesterday as I’m the only one working so quite looking forward to smashing through a load of stuff.

Got a £50 Next voucher for Christmas. What’s £50 in Next? Do they do nice bedding?

It’s a question we’ve all asked, japes - some theories here:

And don’t forget that our Black Friday offers on Bing toys are still available at, the UK’s number one location to buy cheap toys and games for children of all ages:


Wanted a quick coffee. forgot to boil the kettle. This isn’t a good sign.

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Going to Pets At Home to get some hamster supplies and look at the bunnies.


And you call them Pets at Home, despite the fact they’re clearly Pets at big Pet Shop.


Also got a bread machine for Christmas. I probably won’t get to use it until tonorrow.

Work today, really CBA and down but there are only two of us in, so I’ve got to go in.

now watching some superhero geography teachers that also have a magic unicorn

kids tv is pretty wild


Looking at the bunnies there is one of my favourite things, even though I have two of my own. Enjoy!


Not been to Cancun but liked Toronto. Have a safe and great trip.

Need the toilet :poop:

  • Use bathroom near sleeping sister in laws room where the toilet is next to the wall her head is up against
  • Use downstairs toilet next to kitchen where people are making breakfast

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