Friday Thread

I could seriously talk Lego all day.


Watching the ipcress file because why not.

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Love that film!

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Oh man it looks well good!!!

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Somehow I’ve never seen it. It’s great

Yeah, a lot of it is absolutely mint. Have been eyeing up[ the Arctic sets recently. Could do a Lego reenactment of ‘The Thing’.

This one looks class for example:

Enjoyed the Lego Thread a few years back.

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Hmm, could do train lunch, that might work :thinking:

Probably in over my head though trying to plan on the fly…

The unidentified animal (suspected squirrel) is now IN THE WALLS.



Hangover of death. Please help me.


Do you remember on the old boards when my mum’s life savings were stolen by a squirrel?

Watch out Eps

On the way to work for 12 hours and I really can’t be fucked we the idea of it at all.
I’m also freaking the hell out. I found out on st stephen’s day that I’m going to be a dad. My head is spinning and the world just sounds the grown ups in a Charlie Brown cartoon.
Can’t be having and of this.


Yesssss been given opportunity to hang out with the London air ambulance paramedic guys for a day next month. Gonna be bossssss

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I do not.

Have they become two factor authentication savvy now? My god.


That would involve moving tho

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Doesn’t feel like a Friday at all, does it? Funny how Christmas completely fucks up our perception of whichever week it’s in.

She stashed cash in the attic, like a chump.

She thought he’d nicked it to make a nest with. As it turns out he’d just moved it. Also, she had a dog at the time and the squirrel stole his bone-shaped biscuits and my mum discovered them stacked into a near perfect pyramid behind the washing machine. What a GBOS


Sorry I can’t talk about anything other than my dog


Have you been in a helicopter before?

Oh hello!

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Yeah, did some work experience with them a decade ago and it was funnnnnnn

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