Friday Thread

On the deadest bus ever to rural Ireland to mill about with no WiFi for a few days.

RURAL IRELAND! :metal::metal::metal:

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I would delight in this. Rig up a ruler to the side of the toaster and go for height records.


Oh, remembered I bought some headphones last night with Amazing vouchers. They should arrive somewhen today. Good.

Remember laughing for ages in my sleep last night.

Housebound today for potty training but also because I like being a hermit. Wish I had real food in and not just cheese.

Saw this in the pub last night and now it’s all I can think about. It’d probably be shite but hungover me doesn’t want to accept this fact.


Morning chaps. Folks and in-law and doggo left yesterday so a real sense of serenity has returned to the house :innocent: Going to see the new Mary Poppins today :slightly_smiling_face:

As real as my big stupid nose, mate.

the photo of the pie and beans can’t be real


Know it could be literally anywhere but Knaresborough came to mind.

For some reason, even though there’s a glass for scale, I want figure out what size these things are. Are they just ordinary sized portions?

I still can’t figure out if that pie is sunk into the beans or floating on top of them.

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I’m in.

I’ve got to be honest - the pie and beans is making me want to eat pie and beans.


I love a pie but beans I can take or leave, nevertheless I am ganting for the exact meal in the picture, regardless of its proportions.

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Alright. Off today. Cooking eggs, beans and toast for breakfast. Gonna drive down and pick up my partner and the baby after her extended stay at her parents. Meeting some of her ATDs in town later for a couple of drinks and I’ll be going to be bed early as I’m back to early starts tomorrow

Would strongly suggest against moving house between Christmas and new year.
On my 3rd trip to the tip and queuing for ages with people getting rid of wrapping paper and boxes

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Hi team. Sitting in my silk jammies playing lego with the weans. Suddenly feel like it might be OK, maybe.

Had a direct debit fuck us today so we’re broke temporarily. Ah well.

Not sure what the plan is beyond this morning. Maybe into town for more lego. Nsyve over to my parents to get MY lego who knows.


Idea for a schamltzy Lego advert where a parent is getting their Lego out of the (maybe at their parents house at Christmas) loft and giving it to their children. With the tag line ‘You never let go of Lego’


Love a bit of Lego…

Off to sea today to blow off the cobwebs and fresh air ourselves… currently in Affpuddle which seems like a great bunch o village

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Got my GP registration approved this morning, they offered me an appointment for this afternoon :open_mouth:. what with free dental checkups and free prescriptions think Scotland is some kind of utopia.