Friday thread

Do you ever have days when you’re too busy to be on DiS all day* and then you log on in the evening and there are two or three 300-reply threads to wade through? Well, that was yesterday.

But anyway, it’s now today, and it’s Friday! How are your days looking? Any plans for this evening? Any other business?

* “no…” *Laughs uproariously* “no!”
“Neither do I… I was just asking”

Today I have to go into The Big Smoke for a couple of interviews. I’m on the non-scary side of the table though, so it’ll be fine, just faffy. It will be my first use of :sparkler:Cambridge North :sparkler: for work purposes, at least. Historic.

Might get pizza tonight, dunno, I’ll be back relatively late. After that I’m getting into my pyjamas and not putting on proper trousers until Monday morning.

Approve of your use of the Cambridge North fireworks


Morning everyone

I’m in a terrible mood and feeling really sorry for myself

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Morning all.

I was up virtually all night for a variety of reasons. I’m going to drop the kids at school and then head back to bed for a bit. See you on the other side.

Morning all!

I’m on the verge of ringing in sick but a combination of:
a) not really being ill with anything more serious than January blues, and
b) having a load of UCAS references, next week’s classes and assessments to do today
means I won’t.

Currently watching Go Jetters on Ceebeebies. The Child left for nursery ten minutes ago.


:alien: :alien:


Playing football latter.

Probably gonna go back to sleep now.

Thinking of going home next weekend as I got an open return when I went home for Xmas and didn’t get my ticket checked on the way back, so it would be fairly cheap.

Need to force myself downstairs for the hotel breakfast buffet.
The scrambled eggs and bacon aren’t going to eat themselves

Got a presentation to do later, wish me luck!

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Good luck with the presentation double e !


First day back in work since Monday. No dread but utterly cba. My officious, self important idiot colleague is in today too, so that’ll be nice. Could call in sick again.

morning all :wave:

main plan for today is get to 5pm without any major incidents. I have an monthly appraisal type meeting later that I’m toying with the idea of actually being honest in, but will probably just nod a bit to keep it nice and easy.

after that, dunno. fancy a pizza already.

Morning folks. My work life is a never-ending series of “knowledge transfer” meetings and documentation. Thrilling.

On the plus side, I have the privilege of releasing a terrific album on the label by @manches today. And heading down to that London this evening for the weekend which should be fun.


Morning :wave:

Just eating breakfast in the hotel.

Not even hungry but will probably skip dinner. Then driving home. Got a conference call at 11 though so need to find a good service station to pull up in :confused:

Got up at half-six to wake my GF up for work. She rang in sick to which I say “Fair play, fuck those shits you work for.”

Waiting for a bus so I can go to my college lectures. Absolutely guaranteed I’ll fall asleep at the back of the room.


Morning ccb.

Listened to the Weezer cover of Rosanna on the walk to work and it made me walk so quickly, I even ran up the stairs when I got in. For a sad song it sure made me happy.

Brought a top to change into but I’ve not worn it since summer and the sleeves are so tight it looks like I’m about to do an Incredible Hulk any moment.


Dad turns 60 this weekend, so I’m making him a 15 minute documentary style video of photos and our family VHS tapes. It’s been an interesting journey, considering family politics, but I reckon by tonight I’ll have it done

It has been a source of stress for my wife. I’ve been leaving it to the last minute, as I always do, and she finds that endlessly frustrating. Always been like this and always end up pulling it out of the bag.

Feeling a lot better MH wise today too. Doing my podcast and this video feels like accomplishing something. It really helps.

Hope you’re all well.


Morning! Taking Misty to the vet for her second vaccinations. She’s been going wild this morning! Hopefully can have a nap when we get home :sleeping:

Fluffed her hair up


I’m not into Fleetwood Mac at all really but The Chain is fucking brilliant. That and Heart Of Gold are soundtracking my commute and easing the dread a bit