Friday thread

Morning all :wave:

I’ve been up since 2.15am as we have to do a rough sleeper count every two months. On the plus side, I’m sat out with a tea and a bacon sandwich and it’s Friday :slight_smile:

Plan for the day: head over to the office when it opens, work til 12ish, go home, get my hair cut, have a sleep, then go to an autism seminar in the evening.

What are you all up to?


Morning chief, you do good work my man :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m off to meet a client in glamorous Luton. Gets more glamorous though - they venue they’ve chosen is a meeting room round the back of a car rental office at Luton airport :upside_down_face:


Good thing it’s selfie day!

I’m waiting for a bus which will take me to the central station, from where I will take a train to Bergen for the weekend. It’s the general assembly for all the organised film societies in the country where I’m chair of the board, so I’lø mostly be spending my weekend discussing statutes and why they should be changed etc. Handing out some awards and doing a film quiz tomorrow eve though which will be nice. Also I’m on the train with 3 ATD’s so will be a nice few hours.


Hi team! Wife is getting a huge haircut today so. I’ve got a morning in town with the girls. Going to Kelvingrove to see that big diplodocus.

But I’ve got a sore head and scratchy fucking throat. Ugh.

I got my new phone a few days ago and it is nice. And my Google Home better arrive today.

Off to work, then seeing Desperate Journalist

Back to work day. Had a lovely ‘weekend’ with Mrs F though so dread levels are pretty low. Did that thing just now where I forgot I’d had a haircut, sleepily touched my head and was really confused for a second. Just me then? Have smashing Fridays everybody.

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It’s Friday and my day! I’m gonna do some yoga after breakfast and slip in a bit of PS3 before work. Someone’s having leaving drinks this evening which I don’t really care about but kinda feel obligated about so I’m hoping I’ll be able to slip away early and hang with my actual friends instead.

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For me it’s usually when I go to wash my hair in the shower that I go “what the actual Foh right”.

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I’m picturing some kind of portacabin, maybe? Kettle, table with coffee granules and bits of sugar spilled on it. White polystyrene mugs. Those fold-up chairs with the blue backs. Loads of charging ports for walkie-talkies.


It happens every single time too.

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:musical_note: I accidentally touched my head
And noticed that I’d had a haircut
For how long I didn’t knoooowwww :musical_note:


Glass of water please!

Hehe just imagined people getting their haircut deliberately so they’re ready for selfie day


“I’ve used three times as much shampoo as I actually need AGAIN”


I feel like shit but we’re so short staffed at work I’m gonna have to go in, at least for this morning, urgh.

Happy new lambchop album day
And some other inferior bands

Want bacon

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Morning everyone

Got the day off cos it’s my b-day

Gonna have a little cycle then do music stuff, maybe watch a favourite movie this pm


Had a doctor’s appointment yesterday

Been diagnosed as the internet. Had no idea.

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Ah happy birthday @grievoustim!

Have a great one :fireworks::partying_face: