๐ŸŽŠ Friday Thread ๐ŸŽŠ

Morning. Hope youโ€™re all well.
Iโ€™m just finishing nights. Feeling great. Feeling tubular. Spectacular even.

Anyway, what are your Friday plans? How much pizza will be involved? Fish & chips? Pub?

Itโ€™s also Friday 13th so stay frosty and alert, people.

Surprised there isnโ€™t a hockey mask emoji.

Probably tonight will involve pizza, yes.

Morning :wave:

Wfh today. Gonna watch last nights NFL.
0 pizza, 0 Fn C, 0 pub :sob:
There will be nachos, some free food trial thing I got from work and probably toast for breakfast.

Need to wrap some presents today. Also have a new VCA for my synth on the way.

Then need to start digging things out to get ready to pack.

Also thinking about resiliconing the bath


Feeling better today, but still not well enough to go to work. So Iโ€™m not.

Got a sweet ad on Instagram tho, googling โ€œcoffee memesโ€ over and over is clearly paying off


Probably going to break with protocol and have pizza tomorrow actually, because Iโ€™ve getting my will (!) done tomorrow morning and I donโ€™t want to invite a pizza-induced bum catastrophe.

No other plans.

Gear Wanker content warning: YouTube suggested a video of the Behringer K2 yesterday and I watched it and thought โ€œooo, thatโ€™s cool, what would I need to get started with one of thโ€ and stopped myself, closed the window and stepped away from my PC.

Close one.

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Sorry about those boxes. Canโ€™t get rid of them. If a mod is able to tidy up my shambolic thread title that would be so nifty.

You fucking know Iโ€™m gonna have to google this donโ€™t youโ€ฆ :grimacing:

*cuts up debit card, changes PayPal password


Ooooh is it their ms20 rip offโ€ฆ
May as well just get a mini Korg one for that price :confused:

I have updated your avatar


Morning Aiii &c

Still dying. Should get to die in peace for most of the day though which is nice. Really hope I can stop dying before the meat tomorrow, I mean Iโ€™m going either way, but it would be nice to not shiver my way through it.

Pizza will be had, as is standard protocol.


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Well the thread title needs to be unique so they may as well stay. I assumed they were intentional.

I have this weird recollection of someone at uni using tubing to reference throwing up so thatโ€™s how I would interpret โ€˜feeling tubularโ€™ but for the superlatives either side.


Is there a brexit joke where the will of the people is them deciding to give away their possessions?

Should probably take this to jokes workshop

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Up. Ready to rock.

Roll on half three.

Like, totally tubular, dude. Rad. Gnarly etc.

Iโ€™m sorry, Iโ€™ve not slept properly for a week


Non-working day so watching yesterdays cricket highlights in bed.

Gonna actually do a little bit of work as need to tidy up yesterdays meeting notes as I will forgot by Monday.

Was supposed to be going through to Edinburgh but gf has been Iโ€™ll so its likely Iโ€™ll just go to hers.

Got this in my Insta feed today