🎊 Friday Thread 🎊

Woman: Oh jogjb

I preferred this version.

That’s what it sounded like.

These people are fucking awful.

Farrell. One of the kids is called Farrell.

That’s a fucking surname.

Should introduce him to my old neighbour Bronson

didn’t know you lived next to the Dugnutts

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It’s like me calling my boy, and @colinzealuk 's godson Whitmarsh, Hyatt or Warmington.

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Ah cheers. I intended for the arrow boxes to be there it’s just I had these little chaps on my phone this morning
and I couldn’t work out what they were or how to get rid of them! but they didn’t show up when I checked on my laptop so :man_shrugging:

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He’s many things, but he’s not a Warmington. Completely the wrong build.

Oh, right. Weren’t on my phone, so I assumed it was the arrows you were talking about :smiley:

Good news - we’re all home again. I imagine there will be a lot of catching up on sleep happening in the next 24 hours (at the moment I’m the only on awake out of the three of us)


Glad to hear it, hope he’s on the mend pal.

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Cheers Funky. I reckon he is - we just need to get his antibiotics into him, which he isn’t going to enjoy but it’s for his own good.

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I’ve just put in claims to HMRC for tax relief on about Β£750 worth of union subscriptions.

I’m not sure if I’m fucking The System or if I’m The Fucking Tory.

I’d never have called The Child Warmington though @he_2.

we have a winner!

it was ball grabbing cub!?