Friday thread

On a high speed train to Madrid. Thought it’d be fun but it’s been dark most of the journey, and now it’s light, turns out Castilla is a shithole.

Probably gonna get a McDonald’s when I arrive.



Just woke up, probs gonna try and get another hour.

Then it’s unboxing an entire house time!


Morning champ

Off to the woods for a walk and look at the bluebells. Noone else is up yet so I’m catching up on gardener’s world. Soothing stuff.

Enjoy your breakfast!


Job interview today. Barely slept. Waaah.


What you doing in Madrid, proffy?

No plans today. Entertain a baby and worry that I’ve only got 8 weeks of maternity leave left. How the fuck did that happen :face_with_spiral_eyes::flushed:


Just a stopover for the night to visit a few mates before I fly to the uk for a week tomorrow.

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On the tram into the office.

Pains in various parts of my legs from 6 a side last night.

In bed, feeling dreadful. Full night of fever, freezing, sweating, bleugh. Sod knows what it is, am now testing negative after having covid a few weeks ago.

Need to get the dogs out, and need to work out how much of my working day i need to sack off. Most of it, I’d imagine.

Promised the kids bolognese pizzas for tea, so got some pizza bases to make at some point.

Also seem to have bought some vinyl in the middle of the night…

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Another night of fuck all sleep. 4.40 by the time I fell asleep. In-laws are coming up today and apparently I’m making chicken souvlaki today

Good morning and Happy Earth Day :earth_africa: :evergreen_tree:

The Earth will thank you for your sustainable transport choi–

Oh, never mind.

Not much going on here. Dog walk and a bike ride, as per.

Might make flapjacks later.

Just had this in from Sean, you’re not making chicken souvlaki today mate.

Can I stay in bed?

My romantic interest has tested positive for covid for the 3rd time, she’s fine, no symptoms but is obvs v fed up

My weekend is suddenly looking quite empty :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Anyone want to go for a pint?

Yeah, you’re on here today.


My house is a tip and I’ve got loads of work to do which I won’t be able to focus on because of the mess, so that’s good :grimacing:

2 weeks til I go on holiday and 4 weeks until DiS hols. :sun_with_face: :hibiscus:

Morning all!

I have some bit of marking to clear today, then I’m helping interview two groups of students for next year from 10-12. I should probably plan next week’s classes too but that might be too much work.

It’s really bright outside although it hasn’t warmed up yet. I might put my shorts on later.

too many jalapenos last night, gonna be a bumpy ride!