Friday thread

Hello, this is the Friday thread please put your Friday dealings and doings within, thank you


Sleepy head this morning. Fully prepared for a terrible day at work of yesterday is anything to go by.

Morning all!

No classes for me today I’ve been on strike or holiday or BH so much recently I feel like I’ve forgotten my job so I have an exciting day of marking and verification ahead of me.

I’ll be drinking coffee and listening to some musics as I work. I’m quite a fan of the new Bandcamp app for streaming. I’ll be making some kind of tuna tacos for tea at The Child’s request, then playing football later.

I like this phrase.

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I’m about to
Feed cat
Eat breakfast
Read book
Reluctantly work
Go swim
Eat lunch
Pretend to work
Watch the “ladies and gentlemen, the Weeknd” gif

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Morning troops.

Been up since 5am finishing some work and then it took me an hour. Fucking idiot.

Dealings: a buff man is going to come fix my new telly to the wall in exchange for money

Doings: as little work as possible until then

In the office today.

Will be attending a board meeting for the job I start in June, and trying to get some handover stuff done and other things up to the point where they aren’t going to grind to a halt once I leave.

Quite a nice day isn’t it?



I’m a bit hungover after some drinks with old work people. It was a free bar which makes things easier but I wish I’d left at 9 and not at 11 or whatever it was

Long weekend though! And i should have a couple of exciting packages delivered today

Chocolate muffin and espresso for breakfast while watching a new kids TV show which reminds me of the quality CBBC dramas from my childhood :blush:

All about to be ruined by a horrible day at work :disappointed_relieved:

Which one?

What’d you get?

My made bought a fancy 50 inch LG nonce one and gave me his old. 42 inch Panasonic with a soundbar. It is a nice upgrade. That’s three tellies I’ve half inched off mates in a row

Off to the bloody office. Was nobody else from my team of about 12 yesterday. Totally pointless. Might go home at lunch.

Just seen this belter of a copy paste error from a local theatre on Twitter


Ahm hungover.

Not working today, instead spending the morning tidying the flat for my parents’ visit tomorrow, then off to Desertfest for the rest of the day/night.


It is payday and I am giving blood in a bit, so gonna go into town early and have a nice breakfast as a pre-donation treat.

Bike needs dropping at the shop on the way home.

Dog will require walking this afternoon.

Might be Local Indian for tea tonight.

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The Last Bus (Netflix)

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Was laughing at the opening episode because I said “dear God this guy is doing a really hammy Robert Sheehan impression and Sheehan is already quite hammy as it is”. Turns out it’s Robert Sheehan.

Oooh, what are you thinking?


Hey Ho DiS

Just had some marmite crumpets for breakfast, and shortly I’ll be doing the school run then settling in to work. At lunchtime I have FOUR records to collect from Resident, so that’s exciting. Then there’s plans for a local Indian tonight so I might just spend the afternoon salivating over their menu