Friday title was already taken


WFH to wait in for a delivery. Suffering from eating too much pasta before bed. Working all weekend. HBU?

I am…


Wfh crew high five

Lots to sort out today so it was important to tidy the house for an hour after dropping off the little one at school

and now I’ve logged on to DiS

I sense a productive day ahead

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Back to work today after my ‘weekend’ :frowning: Tired, done something painful to my ankle and run out of my reflux nefication so that’ll help. Really should get out of bed I guess but who’s gonna make me?

You finish a conversation on an online chat help thing and get asked all these questions rating how well they did etc but when you speak on the phone there’s nothing like that. Interesting.

Early cure lyrics etc

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whats on its way? :smiley:

Im in the office. got a 5 hour meeting :expressionless:

then going camping :partying_face:

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Hello Scout and diser pals! :wave:

Trying to wake myself up so I can get ready and go and strike :fist:t2:


also suffering from lack of sleep. been up since 2am :sleeping:

Morning Scout and etc,

Should be my off day but no word from R’s dad yet so who knows if he’s going to cancel again or not. Oh wait, he’s just messaged! Thank fuck for that, I am too overloaded to be an adequate parent today. Will probably just hide away in my room until pickup time.

Shoe storage thingy which will store far less shoes than my current set up (a pile by the door), forcing me to get rid of some.

Where you going camping?

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going to the lake district, so could be wet tonight but hopefully clears up through tomorrow :slight_smile:


Morning…had an excellent dream about eating a Lebanese dinner with DiS power couple @Avery and @Gnometorious . Got so drunk I couldn’t put on my shoes.

Today it is back to Bristol with the kids for one last day of freedom before school hits next week…


Hiya! :wave:

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Poorly girl so she’s been at home all day, but thankfully she has been really good about it and I’ve been able to work.

She’s completely crashed now though and is sleeping. Which is good because I think it best to wait another hour before the Calpol comes out again. Seems to be either a cold or slapped cheek or both or something :frowning:


Work, pizza, sleep. Standard.

My new desk is unexpectedly arriving tomorrow, which I’m very excited for. Doesn’t take much these days.

At work, then doctors appointment, then home and need to sort out dinner. Might do a cauliflower masala, or a lentil pie. Found a recipe for a “frying pan lasange” which might be good too, got a few options.

The weather’s pure gash mind, so once I’ve picked up my daughter from school I’ll be hunkered down in the house playing with her huge new Lego* Princess Castle.

*Not actual Lego, but BUILDINGBLOX or some shite.

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some of them have it

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Customer satisfaction survey via phone? It’s expensive to do on the phone, so it tends to be done as a random sample. It definitely is a thing though - I’ve built at least one in my career.

Cheese on toast at work is 56p/slice :yum:

(currently Ive had 3 slices, could go another 3 :thinking: )