Friday too early thread

I do appreciate a builder who’s early rather than late, but when you say 8 and the bell is ringing loudly at 730 … it doesn’t set me up for a happy day

day 2 of the boiler replacement saga commences, I think it should work out but damn the flat is a total state. Relaxing start to the weekend

sup with my internet pals


Picking up a ps5 on the way home from work

Alan Wake II ME UP




Morning, youngest’s birthday so we had a mcds breakfast and then I’m heading to the office for the am.

Threw a grenade into an already late project yesterday so looking forward to getting the blame today.

Slept like shit, seemed to wake up every hour. Then woke up at half four with pain at the top of my nose and was awake for ages, now I’ve got a cold. :sob::sob::rage:

Someone’s just messaged and reminded were seeing fucked up tonight.

Was so looking forward to night in front of telly.

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Very cheese-dream night, so tired today.

Big weekend to look forward to of visiting both kids at their Univeristies (big travel), then all of us going to Weyes Blood on Sunday, so excited enough to make it through the day I hope.

Broke-out the emergency giant coffee mug.


Morning. Have a migraine that’s lasted two and a half days. Do not want.

Had a nice night last night though.

Really need to drag my sorry butt to work


Looks sort of wintery out there though

Run out of tea bags. How have I allowed this to happen?

Got to go to another course in Bristol so there will be tea and lunch there which is good

Got to get diesel on the way which is bad

Would have slept ok except I woke at 12 with mega cramp in my leg which still feels weird now

On and up Friday lovelies! Xx

Jealous! Hope you enjoy it!

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Just on the train to work. Got a nice wee 5 hour shift, including a 2 hour break and then it’s weekend time.

Probably nip the shops and get a few beers on the way home.

Off to the football tomorrow and then the first proper roast of the season on Sunday.

Having a Friday morning treat breakfast and my coffee is glittery! Unnatural!


Thought the Danny Brown album was out today. It’s not! Boo!

Have to do a quick soldering job for a pal. Out tonight for two gigs, Leisureplex and then Altered Hours.

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Which one is this x

New Aesop Rock though.


Good morning all :wave:

Another day off. Got up early and made cooked breakfast for everyone

Plans for today: housework, coursework, fireworks



Had all the worst parts of a cold beginning all week; headaches, sore throat, tiredness - now it’s finally kicked in properly it’s actually much better, it’s a cartoon cold with lots of sneezing and sniffling but much easier to just get cosy and comfortable.

Big push to get a bit of work finished today and then tidying up for in-laws visiting over the weekend.

Great shout.
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Morning all!

I slept better than yesterday so that’s good. The Child waking at 5.00 definitely wasn’t but Wor Lass bravely took responsibility for that one.

I’ve got a load of little bits of work to do this morning (marking, mostly) and a short class this afternoon.

It’s really cold and misty outside.