Friday too early thread

Might be in the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in.


Outdoor bath!

One of life’s greatest pleasures


Just done the school run in thunder, lightning and hail. It wasn’t even raining when I left the house. I’m a bit damp now.

Anyway, new David Holmes album today, and a new Goldfrapp single too, so I’ve got that to cheer me up while I dry out

Oh, and the work that the gutter people did yesterday - hasn’t fixed our gutters in the slightest. Bugger.

Hmm - the opening track is called “When People are Occupied Resistance is Justified”. I’ve got a sneaky feeling that much like Let’s Get Killed getting zero press because it came out just as Princess Diana died, most of the media might shun this too

Going to seeABBA VOYAGE tonight.


Morning wee ones

No tour today. Want a cosy day at home but i also want to go see a sculpture so might set off now rain dependent.

Must sort out jobs and life admin too. Very much in the mood for some cava and snogging but whatever, writing cover letters and water it is :sob:

Very exicted for my debut, later.

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Sticky toffee latte at costa!

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I absolutely love Bow Down To The Exit Sign but I don’t think I’ve really enjoyed anything he’s done since.

Feel like poop, gonna do a lot of lying down today I think.

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In the office for the first time in two weeks. Trying to avoid this as I’ve still got a hacking cough from the cold I had last week. I am basically fine otherwise, it’s just really disgusting and I don’t want other people to feel put out by it. But also working on our dining table has given me back pain, so no real other choice. I hope the Strepsils (triple action) help.

Half day anyway, going to Alnmouth for a night away, gonna drink some local old man ales and enjoy the coastal vistas and hopefully see some stars.


Welp. Internet’s down in the office

Off home, I go

Can’t even do anything about it cause everyone else is on holiday


There was a time he was really into soul music, and his records were great because of it. He’s much more into krautrock these days, and the shadow of Andrew Weatherall looms large over his recordings too. I’m still a fan, but that period around 2000 was definitely the peak

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And you in your notice period too! Day off

Ferris Buellers Day Off Film GIF


Very much regretting staying up last 2am listening to (and adding to) an emo playlist I’ve made for some #mates (@plasticniki is a recipient).

Working from WFH today. Meetings all day. Booooo


I was looking forward to a Baked In Brick brownie :frowning:

Tbf I’m looking at the to do list I wrote yesterday

One of the entries is have a daft laugh


you swanky fucker :slight_smile:
looks amazing.

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Ooh any chance of a +1 for that emo playlist? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: