Friday (treat day) 🐱 ☕ 🛀 ☕

What’s in store? I’m feelin a bit run down so gonna:

  • have a long, sit-down shower while listening to new releases
  • do my makeup nice
  • take myself to Starbucks for a bucket of sugary coffee to help me finish my work
  • buy a bag of dreamies to walk about giving to street cats
  • completely log off and forget work exists after about 6pm
  • get really into the novel I’m reading

Morning all :wave:

I’ve got a meeting I’m not looking forward to this morning. However

  • this usually means I’m prepared well so that’s something
  • I’m having jacket potato for lunch from the yummy jacket potato stall
  • I’ve got leftover pork massaman curry for dinner
  • I’ve got next week off :tada:

Morning all!

I’m going to another campus for some training and to listen to a variety of managers tell us how great we are and how we need to work much harder.

Once that’s done, I’m watching a load of metal bands playing in Maryhill most of the weekend. It’s Wor Lass’s nieces’ birthday party on Saturday afternoon so I’ll also be waving at the twins for a bit. There’ll be cake and a load of food.

We’ve also got leftover curry to eat tonight.


Just had a coffee
Got a half day
Going to jazz up some noodles with crispy tofu, veg, maybe some of the gyoza we have in the freezer
Gym later
Walk in the peaks with a pub visit this evening I reckon

the best meal


  • It’s payday :tada:
  • Baked potato for lunch
  • Doing overtime at work this afternoon and then it’s long weekend time
  • Got my break in Worcester, so will probably go to the good pizza place for dinner
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Leaving in an hour, Cybill is still with us :heart_eyes_cat: she came with us for breakfast and has come back for a little cuddle


Train straight to Bristol once we land, got a nice hotel lined up :smiling_face:


off to have a weekend long boogie.

just the 6 hours of public transport, might actually finish a book

You’re going to have to smuggle that cat home with you now

  • work, gonna be another busy one
  • parents coming over later and bringing chippy with them
  • absolutely no plans this weekend and I’m very happy about it

Morning Carrion & etc

The youngest had a pal for a sleepover last night so of course they woke up all hyper at 6am so I’ve been up 3 hours already

They calmed down after I stuffed them with a big breakfast & they’ve been drawing/painting for an hour now while listening to 6music

I have a brunch meeting* in a couple of hours with the singer of a music project we’ve been working on together since about April last year. I guess you could say we’re a duo. Anyway, we’re planning releases of a series of 3 singles, an EP & a 12” in the next 6 or 7 months so that’s exciting. We’re gonna ’action’ some choices today - artwork, masters, press photos, a promo/pr strategy, maybe plan a launch event … that sort of thing

So that should fill 3 or 4 hours

Then probably a walk & then to the Park Theatre to see the annual breakdance battle if it doesnt rain

Quite a nice Friday as it goes

*the brunch meeting is at my place & I will be making smoked salmon, scrambled eggs & avocado on levain toast :drooling_face:


ON THIS DAY in 1950, Julian Lahaut (who had led the strike of 100,000 during Nazi occupation) was assassinated by Belgian royalists

KIT day at work, which also marks the end of my second month off (of 3) and the end of my time off with just P as R has now finished nursery before starting school in September. Bracing myself for a day of meetings and frantic troubleshooting.

Good morning everyone,

We’re off to a place with those big pillow trampolines today. Hope it’s quiet enough so I can sneak a go.

Then it’s Margate for a haircut :haircut_man:


First day of my two weeks off without plans. It’s awful weather and I’ve got loads of nice plans for the weekend (brewery, pub for the World Cup final, boygenius) and next week so very tempted to spend all day in my pants on the sofa but I know I’ll regret it.

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Half day today as the whole company is finishing at lunchtime for bowling, burgers and beers etc. :slightly_smiling_face::bowling::hamburger::beers:


On the ferry, it’s grim out there

Having a half day and hoping this weather clears through for this afternoon. Hoping a mooch on the beach and a nice early dinner is on the cards


Ha, got a coffee. Maybe one of the worst coffees I’ve ever had

On the way to work, haircut scheduled for lunchtime.

Jealous of @keith and his Core fest in Glasgow this weekend. Less jealous of @AttackDuck , that sounds like a long night!

Happy Friday everyone


Reckon my A levels results night out was one of the best 2 or 3 of my life, easier I guess when I didn’t have many big nights out yet to compare it to and when Walkabout seemed exotic.

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