Friday Treat Lunch

Seitan chicken kiev for me.

What’s your treat?


Ooooft. Tasty.
Haven’t had a proper meal for about two days so I’m definitely due. Unsure what to get

I went to KFC, was a poor decision as it was a pretty ropey KFC, chicken was dry and the chips were crap even by their standards :cry:

halloumi salad

Franco Manca
No 2 extra basil and a side salad please


No idea what I’m doing in work atm. Might get a nice comforting bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate

we had an indian followed by doughnuts cos management are feeling guilty. fine with it

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Had beans and sausages on toast for brunch at about 11.30.

Got a cup of tea and a lemon drizzle flapjack at the minute.