Friday treat yo'self lunch thread


burrito for me, obviously.



i think a burrito for me also, i haven’t really had a lunch treat this week. Although it is nice so maybe I should sit in the park. dunno. dunno anything.


##re: Friday treat yo’self lunch thread

Probably the standard chicken and jalapeno paninini form downstairs for me.


halloumi and falafel wrap from the wrap man. YEAAAAAHHHHH


are you going to the luardos truck as well?


Got back to back meetings over lunch due to being a very important business person in the world of business, and I couldn’t face canteen misery packed lunch, so I’ve got a minging Tezbots chicken and bacon sub. Better the devil you etc.


I’m at a port in the Netherlands. Only options are chips or crisps.



Remember, in Holland chips = crips


salt kettle chips
salami bagel

Was gonna bring leftover spag bol and get some chips to go with it, but decided to save that to go with a baked potato for tea tonight


I had to have a cheese sandwich for breakfast. Now have a can of coke. I feel disgusting.


nope, it’s not near me.


And crisps = bloods ?


oh you’re clerkenwell or something? where’s your burrito gaff of choice?


I know you don’t like it but I go to benito’s hat. I used to go to el burrito, I always liked the guys there, one used to ask me about words that he wasn’t familiar with. Then they disappeared after last Christmas :frowning:


working from home.

tiger baguette with 5 slices of roast beef and mustard


i got no beef with BH, i’m just not a fan of their veg mix so usually go without. everything else is good.


Fair play, this is actually delicious.


i’ve bloody brought some leftovers in today

goddamn it

this is not a treat



feel a bit sick now. so full