Friday treat yoself Lunch


What kind?

Egg mayo sandwich. Might nip out for an afternoon snack I dunno

They’re doing a roast in the cafe but I’ve got a sandwich.

the thought of a roast in this heat oh my god


Curried chickpea and cauliflower salad with mango, coriander, lime and chillies.


Soup I think

Alright, Alanis.

Is that a today issue or are you generally opposed to BS?

today - i have been eating two cooked meals a day pretty much all week, i think this might finish me off

Yeah that’s the bad habit I’m getting into … do you find it easier to avoid them at work at lunch or have something smaller at dinner?

(Fish and chips today, also not feeling it)

they do really great salads here so i try very hard to have that instead

Day three of leftover Jamaican curry chicken with roasted root veg, 3 grains and spinach. I had my treat yesterday, I was so hungry later on I bought a pack of mini pork pies. Such a guilty pleasure, they probably have the calories of a cheeseburger in each one.

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Being taken to Las Iguanas with work.


I love a battered sausage.

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Eeeek. Sorry pal.




Ate such a big hotel breakfast I don’t think i can justify lunch.

Although I am on expenses so it would be silly not to


Had a great one at at office yesterday but that’s not the main office, my “home” one is pretty crap in comparison :frowning:

£2.10 for a mix of quinoa halloumi salad, sweet chilli pasta, potato salad, coleslaw, chargrilled veg … nommers

Sourdough with caramelised onion houmpus l, lettuce and chard