Friday treat yoself Lunch

All right Hoogy.

Dunno m8, you’d have to ask the waitress

I’m on my way.

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Nissin sesame ramen packet noodles :ramen:

The treat is that I didn’t have to make something nutritious

Might even have a Cornetto in a bit for lunch pudding

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Looks good this.

BBQ jackfruit

(didnt ask)

the order of these photos is causing much anxiety


Temped to do the same. What flavour cornett? We have mint

Original, baby

Had to put a comma in there so no one’s tempted to make a hilarious joke about baby-flavour ice cream


Forgot to take a pic, sorry. No one’s more disappointed in me than myself.

Had chicken fajitas at Las Iguanas. Last time they wouldn’t give me any extra cheese (wanted to charge £3 for another thimble) this time I was CLEVER, when I ordered, I asked if I could please have no jalepenos and please could I have an extra cheese instead? And they said “Sure! No problem, beautiful and intriguing lady”

Is that the choc and nutty one?

Yep, I had two the other night, one after the other (they were small ones from a multipack so I figured it was OK)

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I had one normal sized mint cornetto last night and tbh I could easily have eaten another one, only resisted because of the ridiculous amounts of cake I’ve already eaten this week/year.
My point is, go for it.

Ordered by altitude.

Ate lunch in the canteen on the ground floor. Took my cake upstairs to chill out.

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Final root canal went well folks. I apparently have teeth again



Camden lock. I finished a 6 month job in primrose hill, then got another about 100 yards away, before I go back to the previous gaff for another 3 months.

tl;dr i live in camden now

Ooft fp, well if comedy ostriches gets too much you can always find work at a Camden DVD stand!
Looks well good that though, dark tortillas rule