Friday Wastepeople Thread

I slept on the floor after half one because The Child demanded my bed.

Feeling appropriately toilet.


3 hours sleep. Feel dreadful. Had so much I want and need to do today but just feel too gross to do any of it

Let’s all call in sick

  • Hooray!
  • No

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I’m not really working today anyway and had planned to do some marking/ some of my Masters assignment.

Might not.

The correct answer is: Running will probably be good.

My answer: You running people make me sick.

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Day off today, but woken up at 7am by this crashlanding on my bed

Also a hot water bottle appeared in the child’s bed overnight, but none of us put there. Someone is either sleepwalking or we have a caring ghost that wants to keep people warm. It’s all very mysterious.


Today is my Monday, but I think I get to leave an hour early, so that’s nice.

Would you rather have a job that’s

  • Dull and (relatively) stress free
  • Interesting but with some amount of stress

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keep waking up feeling like i’ve been beaten up, reckon our mattress is shit tbh. gotta go to the gym today n all. was gonna go out and see some bands tonight but don’t think i can face drinking, been doing too much of it lately.

Not a lot of sleep going on here. Was up at 4.15 with kiddo, who decided that was it for the night. Lots of nice cuddles though. Meeting @hankscorpio for tacos and beerz later.


Had coffee when already feeling a bit dehydrated.

Might get an empire biscuit at lunch though.

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Currently in the “dull and relatively stress free” camp at and I’m so so so so bored.

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  • OK
  • Bad

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3/3 ain’t bad.

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Off to Sheffield to star (be an extra) in a film

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When Saturday Comes 2

This is my sleeping situation every night due to it being easier because my partner has insomnia and is easily disturbed if I get back into bed. Solidarity


Cake day today, but need to finish the cake first which necessitates a trip to lidl for more cocoa powder. Also got books to retrieve from the library so will do that on the return leg.

Other than that will probably just laze around playing switch until I have to pick R up.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY FL :heart::tada:



Work, work, work, nap, pizza, gig.

At the latter I am hoping to:

a) catch up with @UncleRetrospective and
b) enjoy my first beer of the year.