Friday Wistful Thread: Was there a 'One That Got Away'?


Is there one person that comes to mind when you hear that phrase, a romantic partner who you couldn’t be with for whatever reason but you still often think about, or would love to just spend one last night with, consequence-free.

This thread is in no part inspired by someone I spent 3 hours with in a club on Saturday night/morning. I have a little list of people who moved away/found someone else/ were unavailable and that was it, but it just makes you wonder how it could’ve turned out differently, doesn’t it?


Pretty sure everybody self-aggrandises their first love to unrealistic levels even in hindsight


None of them, but I do hope they’re all doing well (only vaguely in contact with one). I’d happily catch up with any for a drink. Maybe not all on the same day though, I’d be bollocksed :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :beers: :laughing:


there was a girl at Uni who I was told had a crush on me - and was very pretty (she looked like a young Kristin Scott Thomas)

I had no lectures with her, and if I saw her out she always seemed to be surrounded by a big group of people I didn’t know.,

One Friday night I arrive in the NUS bar - it’s really busy and I’m busting for a pint. I’m determinedly making my way through the crowd to get to the bar.

Suddenly the girl is in front of me - and she’s saying “hello” . She’s obviously decided to make the first move. But I’v got a head of steam going, and I’m focused on getting to the bar, and I’m all wrong footed. I just say hello back and walk straight past her

And that was the end of that
I have no idea where things would have gone - but I wish I’d just had the smarts to stop and talk to her



It’s you! You are the one that got away!


I somehow misread that as you patted on the back and said hello, which genuinely made me snort with laughter :pig_nose: :laughing:


Will you go out with me? :blush: :heart_exclamation:


Nah fuck 'em


That’s what he’s asking :point_right: :ok_hand:




Oh! Yay! You’re not the one that will get away :kissing_closed_eyes:


I wish all of my former lovers the very best in their future endeavours


not this. hope they all die miserable and full of regret thinking about me.


I’ve told this story before, I think. But there was this girl in my halls. We met quite close to the end of our first year, spent loads of time together, went dancing at Clwb, wrote to each other over the summer holiday, and things picked up again when we got back from uni in the second year.

(Note: I was, and probably still am, utterly oblivious to any ‘signals’ as such from potential admirers).

Anyway, we went to a club one night and after spending most of the evening together, she invites me back to hers “for breakfast”.

And then we get back to hers, and I can’t remember the exact sequence of events but I do remember eating some breakfast cereal and hanging around her flat awkwardly for about an hour and then leaving. Things fizzled out shortly afterwards.


rejected Killers lyrics.


I’d imagine most people who’ve had sex with me are constantly miserable and filled with regret


Try singing it to the tune of Avril’s Complicated


…And then you get undressed!


Not going to share the full details but there one with whom I shared a Ross/Rachel style will they won’t they / neither single at the same time thing. Eventually happened and then the ex turned up on the doorstep 6 months preggers. They’re very happy together.


Yeah a couple but I’m pretty happy with where I am now :slight_smile: