Friday Yaya's Lament Football Thread



Yaya’s site has crashed after he’s apparently posted an apology from himself and on behalf of his agent. Hilarious timing after the Barca win.

Nice for Henrikh to get some time on the pitch last night.



Southampton beat Inter. Imagine someone telling you that in 2010. Nuts.


I thought they were more interested in half naked women


Pretty irked with Feyenoord drawing, could’ve really ruined Man United’s qualification chances. Your boys really dropped the ball @aboynamedgoo


But yes, you’re right. I’m not exactly the most avid of supporters but I follow their results. Even in the days of Francis Benali and Ken Monkou, the idea of them even hosting Inter (other than in a friendly) would have been out of the question. Amazing stuff.


Feyenoord are not my boys. Ever.






happy for him


He doesn’t look happy. Still, good of Shanghai International Port Group Football Club (The Red Eagles) to give a young manager learning his trade a break like that.


Well okay then, now I’ll take it seriously.


It is my favourite Pixies song tbh.




Soon to be called the Daphni Cup?


I found this amusing


surprised it hasn’t been mentioned yet but I assume everyone is getting pumped up for tonight’s big match, the third match in the EFA Championship West London Real Quiz Mini League, it’s the heroes of Brentford v the fools of Fulham!!!

cba with anti-bants, Brentford are going to absolutely destroy them, few goals from Button clangers, cheeky hat trick for Hogan and Jota inexplicably turning up in the last minute to score again, despite being on a season loan at Eibar.

Get your predictions in below lads:

  • Brentford win
  • Fulham win
  • Draw
  • Fuck off mate

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enjoyed this


I accidentally chose Fulham when I meant Brentford. Fulham have been all over the place this season, though the same could be said every year for any of those teams in the middle of the Championship. Because they won 5-0 against Huddersfield, I fully expect them to lose 1-0 here!


Hope we fucking do you


I think you’ll find it’s Eastleigh v Swindon tonight