Friday yeah?

Morning everyone.

I’m basically going to tolerate today till I can leave work and collapse. Tired.

Masterchef final tonight, gig tomorrow night, footy all day Sunday. Good stuff.

Paul Simon and Run DMC on the way in – quite the shift, 1986.

On a side note this Keels advert is really borking the forum.

< / Borktalk>

I am fucking dead.

:sleeping: :dizzy_face:


I’m so so so so tired


Two emergency stops and a harsh braking while screaming “FOR FUCK’S SAKE” into the void on the drive in today. All people pulling out onto major roads at 40+ mph in the wet. Must have left the car in stealth mode.

checks watch


Masterchef is so awful, just seeing people be subservient to those two ****s makes me angry!

I’m good!


Honk honk!


she died how she lived: QOMing

(I think I just need all of the food. I don’t even have anything with me. Fuck.)

I just checked my wallet and I can scrape together 70p for the vending machine. Healthy breakfast here I come.

Happy Friday everyone!

Going to a flat viewing tonight - I’m really hopeful. Followed by a few bevvies but I’m going to try and avoid a hangover tomorrow. Rest of the weekend will be filled with football and Persona.

I’m really tempted to see Alien Covenant, even though I know it won’t be all that satisfying? I’m just in the mood for a sci fi horror!

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Morning all. My friday has been lifted by being in the company of these fine, white, heterosexual men:

I have to deliver a session to my colleagues on how to use Twitter on Monday as part of Learning at Work Week, need to prep for it today, it’s going to be so dry :cry: I’'m calling the session ‘Tweet Yo’self’,


cool looks like I’m going out to visit a friend and maybe play some carcassonne later!


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Morning all.

3 days of hectic exams have killed me. I will be doing no work today.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday.

Just been chatting about cider and black with my TV. Could easily just bin the rest of the day off and pub it up.

~checks time~

Oh ffs.

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We can all get each other through today. A steady ticking off of hours leading to (presumably) the pure unadulterated bliss of going home for the weekend.