It’s finally here! Have you had a good week? What are you doing at the weekend?

My week’s been OK but 5 days of work is totally overrated. This weekend I am going to be planning the move to Stockholm as I’m starting to freak out about it a bit.


Busy week.

Some shit cunt in a van turned into my lane (the fast lane on the M11, fact fans) without checking his blind spot. Where I was. Briefly lost traction swerving away. Didn’t die though, so it’s fine.

Going to have to do some work this weekend because I’m that busy. Do not want.

No other plans.

#ARGH! :skull:

Happy Togo Liberation Day!

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had a miserable week, got no plans at the weekend except for doing a couple hours of recording tomorrow. might see how far i can get in the first four seasons of the x files in HD

Morning ssf! First week back to work has been tolerable enough, I seem to have a bit of extra zeal after a couple of weeks off, can’t see it lasting too long.

Limmy’s Vines screening thing was very good last night, as was the Q&A. 7 questions were asked, 6 were from Scotch persons.

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in order to celebrate TLD I just got a cup of coffee togo


most sincere ban request of my life


you would miss me

The very blankest of blank replies.

A Lomé to say that was a good idea!


Adebayor… something… nope

Week: good.

Today: got a free yogurt (Arla strawberry protein, fucking lush), might buy a new bike.

Weekend: mr pn’s bro is coming over for the whole weekend I think, he’s been feeling shite recently so we’re gonna cheer him up.

My week has been alright. Had my braces messed about with yesterday, didn’t hurt at the time but now … grim, totally grim. Even soggy toast was uncomfortable. OH well, they’re getting there :grin: Woo!

Going to see Rogue One tonight… I’m not that excited about seeing it, I’d much rather watch The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

Tomorrow my friend’s going to show me and the bf around Surgeons Hall! I’m very excited about that. Mmm jar upon jar of things.

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[citation needed]

best thing about rogue one - donnie yen

Ahhhhhh I remember that pain from braces for the couple of days after they’d been tightened. Not many pains like that.


week has gone very very fast

going for a run at lunch - doing calisthenics when i get home and then some freelance work
saturday - bashing out a cv
sunday - run / seeing my folks


Hey :slight_smile:

I feel a lot better now than I did at the start of the week:

  • Stomach bug / discomfort seems to have passed (and therefore I’m sleeping better);
  • Managed to get a couple of things done that I’d been dreading (such as delivering the sofa last night);
  • Work is generally better;
  • Went to the doctor’s about something that had been worrying me for a number of weeks and they checked it out and were very reassuring.

Going to have a takeaway of some description tonight :slight_smile: got friends coming over for dinner tomorrow but no other plans.


I cannot believe how slowly the week’s gone. I cannot believe I only went back to work last week.

Still. I appear to have gotten back into the groove of writing, so there’ll hopefully be a lot of that over the weekend.

Hello Friday DiS,
Anyone know of a good beard trimmer to get? Probably can’t get a decent one for £25 but shaving is starting to properly irritate my skin. I also can’t grow a beard.

I also want to buy another pair of shoes that would bring total shoe count up to 6 which is a stupid amount of shoe