We made it to Friday eh. How are you?Today is going to be an interesting one.


i’m imagining this as an alternative intro to the dead flag blues, or


Off to Scotland shortly. Should probably get out of bed and pack a bag.


Wearing a hoodie to work I hope they send me home like they did at school


Ely is looking lovely this morning


Some impressive snark on the BBC website:


coffee, sausage sandwich + frasier. gonna post some records and then go out for vegan pizza later. probably go on the women’s march this weekend.


My old boss (THAT one) has gotten in touch to invite me to a work party. Great. Now I’m going to lose a full day of work to trying to figure out the most aloof response possible.


Reading for my class this afternoon about how different governments intercept refugees at sea and return them to torture and death. Might do some exercises in the flat. My body has been so rubbish this week.


How about “No but thanks for asking.”


Doesn’t really​ have that underlying tone of contempt I’m after.

I suppose no response is a response.


:poop: :wave:

(You don’t seem like an emoji kind of man, though)


scotland is looking forward to welcoming you :slight_smile:


Still think “Sorry, who is this?” might do it.




mornin team,
getting up was a struggle this morn, anyhoo up and about now and off to edinburgh later for my edinburgh teams night out


Full sugar Dr Pepper fizzed up on me on the train, soaked my cardigan, bad omen for the day


YES. Please do this and report back.


Hi SSF et al

Just took me five attempts to type the word “hope” correctly. Think I might need to become one of those people who drinks coffee



Had a really good run then a really good/awful takeaway so my body doesn’t quite know how to feel atm. WFH though so doesn’t matter too much if it causes utter carnage in my guts bd