I’m a bit hungover. Might stay in later.

How are you? What are your plans for he weekend?

I’m playing football then watching some PROPER FA CUP. Then on Sunday I’m going to the cinema with my niece. Potential 9/10 weekend.

Morning Flanders. Hope the hangover clears soon.

No ]la,ns

Thanks saps bd

I was trying to make some snarky joke about your typo but gave up because I kept making typos of my own. Maybe it was my phone’s moral code subtly saying “be nice to saps eh”.

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My phone keyboard is a bit screwed and I only had one eye open,

Thanks for your restraint,

Meant to say…

"No plans for tonight yet. Tin lid tomorrow, cinema Sunday maybe.

Need to get up."

Day off cos I’m working over the weekend (off on Tuesday as well to make up for Sunday).

Currently lying in bed with a cup of tea and 3 digestives.

Plans: Get up and make a sausage and egg sarnie and then spend most of the day playing on my Xbox - bought Watch Dogs 2 and haven’t had chance to play it yet. Might go and wash the car later if it warms up a bit. Making burgers for tea tonight.

Working at the weekend which is always incredibly boring.


That wasn’t meant to be in caps but I’m not going back to change it now.

Got the house to myself this evening and most of Sunday, so YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS LADS: going to play a lot of Netrunner.

Might go for a run tomorrow if it’s less baltic.

Alright, Aphex Twin


Pretty spectacular Fen sunrise this morning. I’d take a picture but my train window faces west and there’s someone say next to me.

Tonight I’m going to a BARN DANCE.

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Two of my favourite bands have records coming out today, yessssssss.

Fed up with this bullshit cold weather leaving everything slippery.

Weekend plans = pub tonight? Picking up new bike tomorrow hopefully. Bike ride? Sunday’s weather looks terrible :cry:

Probably need to start packing for moving. Urgh.

Cold out

Morning SSF and the rest of you… :kissing_closed_eyes:

I can’t decide whether to go see El Hombre Trajeado tonight or not. I love Shlap but I’ve only given their new album a quick listen and it hasn’t instantly grabbed me. Help me decide!!! HELP!

Apart from that it’s Burns Night mark three tomorrow and the rest of my time will be spent drinking coffee and listening to podcasts. :+1: Weekend! Yes!

Anything involving Hubby is always worth seeing, especially if there’s even a miniscule change of Sue Tompkins turning up.

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Yeah, I saw him play in Inverness randomly during the summer and he was amazing. His chat is part of it though, it is exceptionally good chat. I :heart: him. He played with Emma Pollock too at that gig. FUCKING SWOON.

Okay, you’ve made my mind up for me. Thanks.

Yep, my mate always puts him on in Brighton so I’ve seen him a bunch of times. First time I saw him in fact was when he was supporting Aidan + Bill in a tiny venue in Cambridge promoting Everything’s Getting Older. Now that was a good gig.

What a good mate :slight_smile:

I went to this particular gig with my Mum and at the end she made me go up and get him to sign a CD for her. Died, I slightly died. He was so lovely though. Then I saw Emma Pollock and it was like my battery started running out, I loved the Delgados and um, I got unexpectedly really starstruck. Sigh.


I’m shit at this.

Have another seven or eight wanks then get on with it.

at least

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No near misses on the way to work today, so Friday is currently beating Thursday.



going for a run at lunch - speedy intervals today