Really tired and feeling sick. We were low on milk so the TV thinking he was doing something nice made me some really stodgy Oatso Simple that made me feel worse, would’ve preferred a cup of tea and toast tbh but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Gonna start work late so I can get some milk, might treat mesen to a pastry from the co-op

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I gave you the like for the pastry, not for any of the feeling unwell stuff. Sorry to hear that :frowning:

I ran out of milk last night and had to resort to oat milk and my god! It’s really good!! Who knew? (probably everyone).

That’s definitely the worst riddle yet!

Morning all. Got a heavily pregnant friend coming over tomorrow to cook for me and the missus which’ll be nice. Also looking after this pupper for the weekend:

Also @Lo-Pan, how was Girl Band?!


It’s still too cold. Still, got my car back from the garage, going to Brighton for a relaxing boozy weekend, and I just got paid.

Peaceful weekend ahead. Just “discovered” (that is, finally decided to listen to) last year’s Whitney album, and I’m hoping for a weekend that feels like this sounds. Then I’ve got Monday off, and I’m meeting my family in Manchester!


in to work for the first time since before Christmas (for various reasons). Fuck me it was hard work. So unfit. Did a bit of sick in my mouth, which was fun.


fuck yes! Pay day isn’t it!!!


Gonna pay some muthafuckin BILLS! YEAH!

Cheers Witches, I found a fully stamped Caffe Nero card in my wallet and got a free coffee so things are looking up already

it;s only 9.30!

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Yipee!! Amazing. Hope you feel better :hugging:

hope its all ok bud! :+1:

tomorrow i’m going to a meme themed party

should be going to a gig tonight, this is who i’m seeing tonight if anyone fancies joining me

Hey everyone

Watched Attack the Block last night with the kids and we all enjoyed it

Everyone respond to my important aftershave thread please because I don’t start threads very often and I am terrified of any form of social rejection. Thanks

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My best friend is coming to my house tonight for the first time ever. I am not someone who is used to having people over to my house (it seems to make me anxious?) but I am excited because we can just chill out tonight and then tomorrow I’m taking her for a nice birthday lunch at Manna in Primrose Hill and then to see La La Land :heart:

I need to fit in some serious bf time this weekend as I’ve hardly seen him due to going on hols and then him studying and now having my friend come visit. There always feels like never enough time together?

New cloud nothings album probably isn’t a valid reason to call in sick

I’m on a train Wigan. I win this round.

i wouldn’t say definitely

I like to pretend I get loads done but really all day I just watch the Real Housewives of wherever i’m not even fussy