Friday πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ


Hello how are you?
how about a 2 good 2 bad for the week?
Do you have nice weekend plans?

Kind regards,


Hello stupidsexyflanders, I’m just glad it’s Friday
+quiet weekend ahead
+going to bake after work I miss cake
-it’s very cold again
-my ankles hurt


Oats reduces. I left them overnight this time before cooking. Still too chunky and bitty for for me.




Long weekend for me. In today then back on Wednesday.

Should really do something useful like try to deal with my work backlog or read a book but I’ll probably fritter it away.


Mmmm, fritters


Looks like a chippy is on the cards now too.


Why would you deal if a work backlog when off work? Or is this other work on the side?


Had a dream that I went to a gig with some friends and @WizardLizard and @Ruffers. Our two plucky Dissers wanted to save money at the venue so brought their own weed and booze and were drinking/smoking it while sitting on the floor of the men’s toilet with the door wide open and visible from around the room. Unfortunately they had actually brought some mouldy heroin without realising it and it smelt incredibly strongly of sulphur when they smoked it. Everyone could smell it and was turning round to stare, and then the police turned up to arrest them. I’d found a box of abandoned knitting projects though so was more interested in that.


Hello real ppl, wdc
I drank a lot of whiskey last night
Not feelin too fresh rn
I ate some not very good cold chips my housemate left behind him.
I’m not going to check my bank account
I have many things to. Do but no. Desire to. Do them


I think Shiny is a teacher - I’m definitely spending a day dealing with a marking backlog over the next four days.

Today I’ve got to teach Nat 5 a poem, persuade someone to drop H English (she won’t be in) and then buy beer and pizza ingredients.


off work today and also giving myself a reprieve from jogging.

The day has opened with a swoonsome St Vincent session on youtube and will shortly progress to breakfast and guitar noodling. Then later a pal’s down from Glasgow so I might scout out some free stuff to do. Think there’s a jazzy thing at the southbank centre.

Had a fun paintballing dream where I had grenades that captured people in nets.

Peace be to all dissers this day


Are you unable to eat porridge usually or is this just because they’re mutant jumbo oats?


morning all
-working nights this weekend
-see above
+hotel has a pool
+nothing else


Ah right makes sense. All sound crap apart from the pizza and beer.


Free breakfast


Not great
Only two bad today
-bitten off more than I can chew at work, really stressed about it, don’t know how to get out of it
-massively snapped at my mum yesterday after she ignored my request yet again to not push her religion on me, and said a nuclear thing, can’t really take it back because it was true
No plans



+got nowt to do today, gonna play video games
-feel pretty rough, think i might have a throat infection or something
+hoping it’s burrito night tonight
-it’s cold


It looks like you’re going to have plenty of time to knit us scarves or something then; they’re sending us away for a long stretch :cry:


Well it would need to be free.