Hi! I’ve had an insanely stressful couple of days but am now on the bus to the airport to emigrate! :sweden: (don’t know if I’ve mentioned that yet?) I’m annoyed because I accidentally threw away my favourite hat before I left this morning.

How are you all this fine Friday?


I’m fucking brilliant ta :grin:
Hope your move goes well, sure it will, very exciting/scary


Congratulations on your move!


Hope everything goes smoothly today (and going forward) SSF!


Thanks pals!!


Good luck SSF!

I’m pretty good thanks, although I think the cleaner must have stuck the heating on last night in our office and forgotten to turn it off as it’s roasting in here.


Best of luck ssf!

I’m not too bad this morning. Got a free beer tasting later (first of two this weekend) and then I’m meeting a friend from home who’s visiting for the weekend.


apologies for the unprofessional look, i did it on my mobile phone




Sorry to hear about your hat ssf. Ive got a job interview in a bit for a job i actually want. Pls god!



I’m in work today. Hope this isn’t a terrible idea.

Tomorrow I’m waiting on for my awfully named LE BASS preamp to be delivered. Might also do some prep for…

…penoid card game tournament in sunny Northampton on Sunday, if I feel up to it. If not, going to sit around in my Jedi Knight dressing gown all day.




Also it’s PAY DAY, so I am going to buy:

  • tickets to see Tim Kasher next month
  • a fancy box for keeping cards in
  • hotel rooms for a European penoid Europenoid card game tournament in Biiiiiiiirmingham in June.
  • hotel rooms for some combination of Amsterdam and The Hague in a few weeks
  • a creme egg, probably


Which are you most excited about?


Too close to call between Tim Kasher and the creme egg.


don’t get paid til monday. this weekend is gonna be torture


Time to get up and face the day, got a bad feeling about this one.


Day off today. Got a few chores and life admin bits to do but just delighted not to be at work.


I got paid today


Woke up with a stomach bug, so WFH today.
That will probably mean a couple of episodes of Jessica Jones once I’ve cleared a few emails away.