Good morning all. How are you doing?

I’m feeling pretty good this morning. Cycled to the next station along for the first time in months- was hard going with the wind against me but I feel good for having done it.

Plans for tonight? Plans for the weekend? Animal pictures?


On the bus to the airport. Off to Elche for the weekend



Aw look at his wee face! What is it? (…White hole… Etc)



Only got about three hours’ worth of work to do today so I’m finishing at lunch :+1:

Off to London tomorrow to see Book of Mormon which should be fun




No, thank you


what pokemon is that


Made the right choice ccb. The 756 is a nightmare


Mate, I’m on the 756. The previous (748?) was cancelled. If you see a vision in yellow neon, it’s me.


Axolotl Rose?



Going to pick a café to have breakfast in, then look at some paintings by some blokes called M C Escher and Rembrandt. You probably haven’t heard of them.

If the weather’s alright we’ll walk out to the beach. If it isn’t, dunno.

Tomorrow we’re going to Amsterdam.


I’m in brightest orange



Gonna go for a ride out to either the Clee Hills or The Long Mynd. I’ll see if I can get a photo of a sheep for you.

Going out for feed and drinks with my best man who I’ve not seen since the wedding tomorrow. Parents coming for dinner on Sunday.




Got woken up at 4am by my flatmate screaming and had to go bang on her door to get her to shut up. I am so sick of uni.


Why was she screaming?



Thread for showing off

To be annoying. Her having a panic attack or something but when I got to her room it was very clear she was just trying to be irritating.


Why would anybody do that? Very strange.