Alright Rebecca Black etc.

What’s occurring?

Mildly disappointing Tim Kasher gig last night.

Nobody in the office today so I’ll be fucking off home at around three if I get my work done.

Might go to a board game thing on Saturday. Might not.

Going to do fuck all on Sunday except avoid the boat race pish as best I can, and have a massive pizza for dinner.

Booked Monday off so I can sit at home and stare at the walls in my pants in peace. Little gift from me to me.

I’m avoiding watching Oxford in the boat race by… going to watch Oxford play at Wembley on Sunday.

Hmmm. Still. Could be a dreadful weekend for them, with any luck.

Oh and obviously since neither of my bosses are in and there’s nobody to impress, I managed to get into work half an hour early for once.

Well done, me.

bit hungover like a total #lad. work suddenly got weird and stressful at the end of the day yesterday so i’m hoping to nip that in the bud today. be doing bugger all this weekend coz i’m brooooke.

weirdly woke up in the mood to listen to metallica and banged on master of puppets. sanitarium is a tune tbh.

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how come Eps?

Getting up, then getting down.

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Ahh I was hoping to go to that game but flights are too expensive. Are you going to be in the Oxford end?

Ach there was nothing wrong with his performance or anything, it just wasn’t Cursive. The best gig I’ve ever been to was Cursive at the Cathouse (!) on the Ugly Organ tour, so it was never going to meet my expectations really.

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I gotta say I’m in a pretty rotten mood


mornin all,

must say this cutting out midweek drinking (although i drank on monday night) really is pretty good for feeling super fresh in the morn.
not got a super busy day ahead and have a very chilled weekedn to look forward to.

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gotta get up to get down :+1:

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hmmm i know what you mean.
i haven’t been to the cathouse in about 15 years

I live in fear of my pals suggesting we go there whenever I’m up. Absolutely no good can come of that.


I am! My mate is an Oxford fan, so going with him and his son. First wembley trip for me! Looking forward to it.

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All by myself at work. Should be nice and easy though - gonna make the folk in Hatfield do most of my work for me and if (when) they’re awkward about it, I’ll kick off with the boss cos I’m not having this shit for the next couple of months while I’m on my own here and there’s 4 of the lazy fuckers there.

Minimal plans for the weekend. Might go out walking somewhere tomorrow. Might go and see my parents on Sunday.

none, none whatsoever

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Morning Epimer, thewarn, eric, Lopes, 29, ssf, jordan, urbanfox et al

Pretty decent weekend lined up. The CCB family are going to London for the day tomorrow - probably go to the Science Museum and see the new Tim Peake bit; probably ride the DLR to Greenwich and pretend to be the driver; not sure what else. (Mums/dadsnet - anything you’ve been to with your children in London recently that you’d recommend?)

It’s my eldest’s actual birthday on Sunday so we’ll go for a meal somewhere.

Oh and cooking for some friends tonight.

hannibal lecter style?!

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Cooking for some friends. Not cooking some friends :smiley:

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