I listened to Ride The Lightning on the way in this morning. Lovely stuff…


‘+’ Had a good night drinking wine and eating pizza last night
’-’ Hungover like a bastard this morning
’+’ Annual bonus from work in today’s salary
’-’ Pretty much spent already although…
’+’ Gonna book a holiday abroad for me and The Boy later



How old are your kids?

If you’re heading Greenwich/Docklands way then The Museum Of Docklands has a new Crossrail exhibition opening today (it’s also a damn good museum in its own right):

Plus the NOW Gallery has a lovely installation piece in at the moment:

Cable car is a good trip with kids, plus on the north side The Crystal is worth visiting:

Aside from the cable car, ^these are all free too natch…


Morning all. Last day at work before a week off and a trip to Copenhagen on Sunday for my wife’s 30th! So far I’ve bought her a Stone Cold Steve Austin Broken Skull Ranch t-shirt. She’s a lucky lady!


Only one cat waiting to come in this morning, will hopefully see the other one when I check in tonight. Don’t want to lose someone else’s cat…

Should be an easy day today. My belt broke when I was putting it on this morning so I need to find a new one at lunch, but apart from that I’ll mostly be listening to music and doing fuck all. And getting paid for it.

Playing a gig for some freemasons tomorrow in Kettering so I’ve got a rehearsal for that tonight. In Kettering. Sigh.


Nice. I think it should be a good one - the Oxford fans will make a stack of noise but there are going to be 40k Coventry fans too…

We battered Cov 4-1 in the last fixture too so that is a good thing (though they beat us 2-1 earlier in the season as well…)


Hello everyone

The lads have invited me to Sheffield tonight for a few drinks to celebrate me moving over the other side of the office (The Dark Side as it’s referred to by the idiots I currently work with). Then I’ll probably get back to Derby and do some disco dancing or something in a crap pub.

Tomorrow I’ll probably be nursing a hangover but will get a few boxes and that and start chucking stuff in them.

Sunday I’ll properly start sorting everything out, which I’m quite looking forward to.


I’ve got a call with a recruiter later about a job that appears to have something to do with F1. Given the overlap between my skill set and that industry, I reckon that Lewis Hamilton has had enough and they need me to fill in.


Guy I haven’t hung out with in ages wants to go to some house DJ tonight. I know if I go, I won’t sleep till Sunday and didn’t really want to have a mad one this weekend. Do want to hang out with him though. hmmm


Morning everyone.

I’ve somehow ended up with a weekend of gigs all sandwiching the longest run of my marathon training.

Tonight: William + Yr Poetry + Point Scoring
Tomorrow: 22mile run and then Run The Jewels
Sunday: Pet Shop Boys + Jonny Marr

Might take Monday off to recover…


Saw my ATD and his TV last night for a quick dinner to break up my drive back from Leeds.
Stuck on all three Everything Everything albums for the drive and had lost my voice singing along by the time I got back :slight_smile:
Properly tired today. Will go for a much needed climb later, then have a pretty lazy weekend lined up.


They’re 7 (8 on Sunday) and 4. Those both look like good suggestions! The eldest loves trains so that might be quite interesting.


I back from Spain tomorrow, so I am going chill on Saturday night and then Sunday is FOOTBALL DAY :raised_hands:

  • Need to find an illegal stream for the Checkatrade Trophy final (:yellow_heart: :blue_heart:)
  • Then it’s the Allsvenskan premier and I am watching IFK Norrköping with my boss
  • In the evening it is the Fla-Flu in Rio so I will be watching that with a Brasilian.

Then Monday is my first live match in Stockholm, I’m watching Djugärden’s first game of the season with some colleagues. Then I will pass out somewhere, most likely.


The urban farms will be in lambing season too, but I guess that you can see loads of that where you are.

Mudchute is probably the easiest to get to if you’re going to Docklands.


weird - I watched half of “Some Kind Of Monster” last night

Can’t believe

a) how old it is now
b) Metallica are still going

It is still v. funny


Oh fuck I’ve just remembered I’m doing Clifford the Big Red Slide tomorrow at the Olympic Park :fearful:


Yeah, we have quite a few of those round our way.


c) how completely unsympathetic a human being Lars Ulrich is, even after all these years


Hetfield is currently winning the prize for “biggest tool” for me.

But I’ve got another hour to watch