Okay, let’s try this:


JFC Theo, that’s an abomination. I almost flagged the post in horror.


good morning theo, gerd müller, kallgeese and etc.


I’ll tell you, K-Dogg, it was not a taste sensation.

But what it was was massively discounted so I couldn’t pass up a bargain.


You’ve been done by a yogurt mate




MASSIVELY discounted.


I’d like you to quantify exactly how discounted it was but I have a feeling you won’t tell us because you’ve been done here.


I’ve got an actual human shit for sale, if you’d like it. It was a fiver, but I’ve MASSIVELY discounted it to 20p for today only.

Collection only. PayPal preferred.


Also, morning everyone! Been awake since half-six and I feel like I’ve read half the Internet.


Good morning drowned in sound!

I tried the new Arla mango and passion fruit yogurt drink this morning. It’s ok - maybe a bit overly tart.


Nah it was only 49p so not that massive. That said, all of these were still under the 4 for £2 banner so I wonder if I’d bought 4 which way it would have gone.


Happy Friday DiS. Found out I became an uncle overnight, so that’s cheered my day right up. Nothing else doing today. Might get out on the bike later on


At least it’s regular liquorice and not salmiakki


Anyway, morning all!

Another lovely daaaa(etc)y in Devon: today we’re going to some farm place for an Easter trail in the morning and then to the beach this afternoon.

This morning’s Old Children’s Book Of The Day:


Me at lunch time yesterday. I was still full at dinner.


Ah yeah, 49p ain’t so bad. Would they have charged you the extra 4p in the 4 for £2 deal? We may never know.


I’m just imagining having another 3 of these to eat. :frowning:


This video is great btw



They’ve had his actimels out!