Friday! 🍻🍻🍻

Sun’s out, mates!!

This week has sucked so I am determined to finish on a high before the long weekend. How has your week been pals, and what are you looking forward to this weekend?

morning everyone

need sugar. hello crispy m&ms


Feel dreadful. Got meetings all day, too, so at least the time will go by agonisingly slowly.

Today is going to be an absolute disaster. :grimacing:

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MK8 in the post on its way to me
bank holiday weekend
pub tonight
bike ride tomorrow
pub sunday

6-0 M_W_T. flawless victory.

Hello DiSsers everywhere.

This weekend consists of golf :golf:golf :golf:and more golf :golf::golf::golf:
I have 5 games in the next 4 days, including 4 competitions.


Friday, 3 day weekend, and its fucking pay day!! Yaaaasssssss! :grinning::+1:

Guns out :muscle:

I’m waiting in for the virgin media engineer. Sky failed tremendously and we’re going back to what we know. Problem is I left my computer over in the studio like a numpty and the vm account is in my bfs name so I won’t know when they’re coming until he phones me. I’m considering making a quick dash for it.

Should probably do something useful like cleaning but first things first… teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Weekend consists of packing tonight, my friends 40th tomorrow and then Airport pints on Sunday :blush:

Just about to start packing all our things into a van. Got to bed at like 130 this morning. Bleurgh.

Love airport pints :grinning::beers:


This week’s definitely taken its toll on my mental health; amazed I’ve managed to get out of bed. Just one more day of work to drag myself through though!

Part Chimp tonight :hear_no_evil: then a weekend with Mario Kart, new books and rest!

Part Chimp! Jealous.

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I’m on the Isle of Wight :wave:




are you driving?

Well, at least it’s friday.



in this morning.

Playing squash for the first time in about a month tonight. Got the fear.

Morning all.

Forgot my work pass and my change of clothes for this evening. And the canteen is mysteriously shut so I can’t get my traditional payday sausage butty. I’m not sure me and today are gonna get on at all.

On the plus side Part Chimp were ruddy marvelous in Cardiff last night. All you going tonight are in for a treat. But then you probably already knew that.