☀ Friday ☀


Happy Friday! Can’t wait for a lovely hot long weekend :heart_eyes: what are your plans? I’ve got a wisdom tooth extraction today and as it’s the first day of ramadan I’ll be fasting all day pray4jazzb

Manchester Arena explosion



Got the day off. Got loads of travelling to a wedding in Ireland tomorrow so taking care of last minute things. Gonna be a bisy weekend!


The TV is taking me out to a steak restaurant tonight for belated birthday dinner.
Tomorrow we’re going down to that London for a Kate Tempest gig.
Brunch with some ATDs on Sunday.


Got to go to work for 3 hours then heading to Nottingham for the weekend to hang out with family. Hoping for some bbq’s.


I really want to have a bbq! Haven’t had one yet this year I think, love a family bbq


Salutations cyber associates. Got some errands to run then gonna paint for a bit, then later going to a friend’s theatrical performance and out to sup some cold ones (tbh that might begin sooner) Hooray!


Lovely out. Supposed to be wank over the weekend mind


Not heard of this - is it for a good cause?




Good Morning!! It’s meant to reach 28 degrees today… :scream:

It’s too nice to sit in a dark cold studio all day isn’t it? Might go find a park with an ice cream and read a book for a while. I think I owe myself the vit D.


My switch is being delivered today but i’m guaranteed to miss the delivery, arent i? Just wanna play zelda, maaaaan.

Wearing shorts again -_-



Meetings via lync and report writing today, then off to Snowdonia at 4am tomorrow for a long weekend hiking is sweaty, rainy conditions. It’s going to be great!


I’m on day 2 of a 4 day weekend

The 3 year old was up at 6:15 which meant that I was up at 6:16

Still, that’s given us plenty of time this morning for gluing & glitter

Good luck today @jazzballet !


Happy Friday!! Not many plans for the weekend but it’s going to be blazing sunshine so I will probably be outdoors a lot. I think I may also be helping a friend move house on Sunday.

tbh I’d be happy just hanging on my balcony and reading a book and drinking coffee all weekend. (cut to me in 16 hours smashed off my face in a bar and writing off all of saturday :grimacing:)


Ramadan? It gets earlier every year, doesn’t it?

Drank a load of free wine last night and talked to my Thursday afternoon boss about Hippy Green in Newcastle.

Day one of four day weekend. Doctors appointment in an hour, little bit of work and then chill (hopefully in the sun.)


You not off today? Not got a klämdag?


First day of my holibobs. Took the dog out for a long walk, and am off to homebase shortly to buy a BBQ and various accessories. Off to the Cambridge Beer Festival for the afternoon session then coming back to drink more and cook meat.

Strong bank holidaying at casa 873263295823532532


Off to Bob Log III tonight. Should be fun.
Poker game tomorrow night, which will be good but clashes with my mate doing a one-off DJ set of old-school New Zealand classics…(he normally does nights called 24-Hour Party People and Atomic which are basically what you’d expect). Will hopefully make it to both.
Slept on getting tickets and missed out on a local psych band doing a show in the planetarium on Sunday, kinda gutted.

Also got loads of running planned :runner: :smile: :runner:


Morning JB + all

I was meant to be working tomorrow but an administrative fuckup means it’s not in my contract :grin: so I’m looking forward to a lazy Saturday reading my book in the park eating an ice cream. Just the 10 hours of work to go.