Bet you working people are so happy and relieved that the weekend of awesomeness is upon you huh?

I’ve got a dentist appointment this morning so say a little prayer for my teggywegs…fuck off Bam you’re not Russell Brand!

Not sure if his teeth would be better or worse than mine actually, that’s a thought worth pondering for a few minutes I’m sure.

Anyway have a great day and tell me all about it x

I’m in meetings from half nine until half four, then I’ve got some actual work to do before I can go home.

cba levels are off the chart

any penoiding this weekend?

I’m liking your message of luck btw not your card woes.

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Good luck at the dentist man, enjoy that freshly cleaned feeling you get :thumbsup:

need to stop thinking I can smash 8 pints on a work night and still function the next day :nauseated_face:

fortunately someone is leaving today so we’re off out for something to eat at lunch time. (almost famous - burger place :confused:)

Off to see Holly Herndon tonight. :grinning:


Early dart from work at 3ish today I reckon. Then taking my missus out to celebrate her getting a 1st in her degree


Couple of slut juices will sort you right out at lunch pal

congratulations to safebruv’s tv!

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really want to eat it all now tbh. not sure I can wait until 1pm

Morning Bammerstein.

Today all my dreams are coming true as I am going for a meeting at Crewe Station. Crewe ruddy lovely Station. It’s a wonder I got any sleep at all last night, isn’t it?

Lovely to see the sun make an appearance after its spell on the sidelines, shirking its summer responsibility.

Have a bit of a free weekend ahead… And heute ist paytag. Need to get some new shoes, hire a car for a fortnight from now and sort out camping equiperments.

On the bus into the office. Possible IRL DiS interaction on the cards…
Sister-in-law is coming to stay for the weekend. Prolly go for a walk - thinking maybe Brimham Rocks although I’ll be jelly of everyone using the one nice day of the week to climb.

where’s Crewe? I have no ideal if that’s north, south, scotland, wales or Irelnad…worrying!

I need some cool shoes too, can you recommend me something?

I’m jelly of your productivity and obvious level of fitness!

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right time to pay to get my teeth criticised.


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And I’m jelly that you did that album. Don’t think I’ve made a single note of music in 4 years now…

:mask: :grimacing:

Got a deadline today so gonna have to work like a motha. Cba. Think we’re going out for a work do tonight. Cba.

In summary: cba.

I’m working for a half day then I am flying to Romania to fly back to the UK. #pray4ssf

Super tired

I am very much the wrong person to be asking about shoes and cool tbh. I will just be looking for a reasonably priced pair of brown slip-ons.

As for Crewe, it is getting towards Manchester and Liverpool as you head North, but not that far ‘up’.

Don’t lump us in with that lot Bam! Hope your teeth situation is good!

Played a banging set last night, knackered today. Have a meeting at half-three so I’m just going to loll around like a dead wasp until then.