Not worked like I hoped, but I’m in too deep now.


It was gorgeous at home this morning. Absolutely gorgeous. As soon as the train passed into Bedfordshire it greyed over and now, everything is just glum again.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Not really got anything to add.
Doing some overtime tomorrow. Doing nothing on Sunday.

finishing up sharp today for ‘business’ beers with a client/pal.


Morning friends.

Just slogging through today before my fun early-morning trip to France tomorrow. Excited.

I wrote this ‘poem’ last night:



Glad it’s Friday tbh.

Need to do some admin bits tonight, might have some beers while doing so.

Tomorrow = bike ride leader training which I really cannot be fucked with but hey ho. Then there’s a lil local festival thing in the rec / field near our house, so probably pop along to that, and then obv it’s TdF!!!

Sunday = leading a bike ride aren’t I.

Brought my own lunch in today which includes a small packet of PORK SCRATCHINGS and I’m wondering what people here are gonna think.


Nothing major. Could go to a big tournament but it’s in Reading and that’s a bit far, so I’ll get some practice games in online ahead of a small tournament in the pub on Monday.

Morning Bam, morning DiS :wave:

With the exception of a hen do tomorrow in Glasgow I’m completely on my lonesome until Monday. The bf is away fishing, camping and hillwalking with a friend and I’m JEALOUS. Wish I wasn’t such a scaredy of heights so I could have gone with them. They’ve plans to do some very pointy hills… :cry:

The question is what other weekend plans should I make?? Dependent on how rank a hangover I have on the Sunday I was thinking of venturing to the National Museum of Scotland with a mocha in tow, maybe the cinema if there’s anything decent (It doesn’t look like there is), I could bake a cake and then eat it all! The possibilities they are endless.

Bring the hen do to the National Museum of Scotland!


Morning Bam, morning all.

Forgot my headphone didn’t I? Today is going to be a long day.

The gf got the job she was interviewing for the other day though. Should be a decent weekend celebrating.

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I would love that! If I was getting married I would insist we did something like that for my hen do… BUT I’m not. Maybe I’ll go buy some learner plates, a feather boa, penis straws and a neon pink tshirt with my face on it and go it alone for the bantz. Think I’d clear rooms pretty quick! More room for me.


That’s performance art right there Witches. Getting yourself ready for the Fringe!


Ugh, I instantly want to walk right past myself on the royal mile.


Like this A LOT!

Reminds me of a mini stand-up row I had with my 6 year old son yesterday in the newsagents as to whether Thomas or Edward was the blue engine with the number 2 on its tender.

I know I’m right with Edward, but the stubborn little oik wasn’t shifting from his own view that it was Thomas.


Friday and payday, what a world. Gonna pick up some beers at lunch to celebrate.

First weekend we’ve had to ourselves in 2 months, feels very odd. Prolly just gonna bang and then check out some furniture in Stratford Westfield. Man that place will be absolute hell on a Saturday afternoon.

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Hahaha! You should do it, get a review in the Guardian and then dine out on that for years!

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Won’t you be too tired from the banging to go look at furniture?

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When I was a kid I drew them all the time, so my knowledge was extensive. I’m 32 and single – coincidence?

We could always bang on the new sofa we’re going to see?

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