Good Morning DiS!!

This morning I’ve been mostly drinking tea in bed and looking up pictures of basset hounds -

:joy: SUCH JOY!

Ahem, anyway, how are you? Show me things you like or just tell me what you’re up to today and any weekend plans (I almost wrote flans, tell me about your weekend flans too) :sun_with_face:


Been up since 530. My son’s off school sick, so we’re making a BOARD GAME!

(Hands off @Epimer )


If he suggests that you start your turn by rolling a dice to see where you move, send him to his room to learn about Euro-style action allocation systems and why they’re so much better.

I’d be an amazing parent.

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Making one? That’s cool! Like literally making it up from scratch??

You just reminded me of my friend proudly showing me some warhammeresque figurines he’d recently painted. “There’s blood on the shield and on the knees!!” … they were pretty cool :blush:

*a die

Such an amateur


hi, im pretty sure i’ve broken something in my foot but there’s no brusing yet. is it worth going to a walk in centre thing?

Not with the state your foot’s in!!

… I dunno, sorry.


off to work

WFH so not much.

Got to take my passport and credit card to the letting agents to lay down some money for my new flat. Nice day so will probably walk in.

Hopefully have a nice lunch to celebrate not having to deal with letting agents for a while.

Then home… to actual WFH.

Hi Witches (and everyone)

At work. Gonna do some work (probably).
Later off to a few brewery tap rooms just round the corner (Beatnik, Marble, Blackjack, Runway).

Think my fav breed of dog is a French briard


Morning Witches, got a lot of plans, not so many flans.

Today: off to Manchester after work to meet some pals for a couple of drinks.
Sat: llama trekking in the Yorkshire Dales with the TV’s family for his mum’s birthday treat. Have to leave the flat before 9am, can already tell that’s not going to be popular with future me.
Sun: BBQ at the in-laws’, again for his mum’s birthday.

Minor irkage at his mum’s birthday taking up three separate weekend days (we went to theirs for a walk and afternoon tea as well last Saturday) but what can you do

Idk guys. Have an interview later but dont want the job, so robably gonna cancel. Going to see a studio in a bit that i hope my band can move into that isnt leaking water from the roof. Otherwise dont know what to do with myself today. Might go gym later, coffee first though.

Been away on holiday with a client for a week so celebrating being back home by sitting around listening to music for a bit, then I’m going to go punch a punchbag until I pass out and THEN make an extremely satisfying lunch. Don’t have work until 3 :grin:

Best breeds of dog include:


Morning Witches & co.

Directing my train based ire towards Southern Rail this morning, after London Midland copped a load yesterday. Train operators are bloody infuriating sometimes. All I ask is that a) they communicate and don’t leave people stood on a station for an hour when road transport is apparently running and b) run the fucking trains they agreed to run when they took on the Franchise and not blame driver overtime bans for not running them.

Grumpy helium today, 32 minute wait to get to work now. Harumph.

Should sail through work, boss is away so in late, leave early. Not much to do, release a report is all after I’ve written the executive summary.

Then picking up a hire car for the weekend, get everything 100% ready for camping and away in the morning.

When I retire, I should like a Bassett hound to sit beside my plush leather arm chair and beside the fire place in my laird’s Manor House.

Hi everyone.

It’s an epic weekend, last one for a while. Going to have to work two jobs from next week to pay for it all!

  • Mercury Rev tonight!
  • Pink Floyd exhibition tomorrow morning
  • Party with friends tomorrow night
  • Partner’s birthday treat on Sunday! A spa

I’ve just realised that I really want to make a film about stonehenge


Working this afternoon instead of going to the rock gig with my mates. Harumph.

WFH. GP appointment this morning.
Going for a fancy dinner with the TV tomorrow.
Sunday I think we’re doing some art trail in Leeds.

I especially like the four-headed st bernard kitten hybrid :laughing:

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Morning all!

Day off today.

Gonna do some poached eggs on an English muffin for breakfast. Thought about making hollandaise but c-really-ba with that.

Do the hoovering and that and then sit around drinking tea, eating biscuits and playing video games.

Making a (generic, non-descript) curry for tea.

Working 7 days in a row from tomorrow :frowning: