Someone has brought their dog to the office holy fuck


Morning. Got a bunch of stuff to do today so up early for :coffee: :bread: and then :running_man: so I can TCB.


Morning champs

Driving to a house near Brighton today, via the Dark Star brewery. Suppose I better get up soon


Getting too old for this.


OFFICE DOG! This will be one of the highlights of your working life. Don’t waste it. Cherish every moment.

Going to That Norwich to see The Borises tonight. If I can be arsed. Hmm.


Sounds like a great day to me.


Sorry to hear that mate. You could ask to work from home?




Morning all.

Still hacking away like a 20 a day smoker.

Got a workshop in the city centre today, with a 9.30 start, so was able to have a lie in :slight_smile:







We’ll see


Can you ask the dog if it wants to move to Glasgow and be my best pal?


my office is full of dogs, complete bring-a-dog facilities
it’s not good or bad


WFH as we have an electrician coming round to quote on some work.
Got two of our ATD couples coming to stay for the weekend which will be great. Weather looks nice so will get out for a walk tomorrow hopefully. And drink all the wine/gin, natch


It is good.


Had a weird dream that Hannah Spearitt brought out a weird goth synthetic pop album, pretty disappointed this morning.


Two job interviews today and I’m getting a cold. Sake.


Oh shit I didn’t reply to you about that. Thanks for the lift offer but I realised that I can’t be arsed going to Norwich on a Friday night tbh honest.



Taking my carton of soup with me when I visit a friend later. Feel like a right chump, it’s that or eat crap though (she lives by a bakery).

Got to do a lot of admin work this weekend. Zzzzzzzzzz