Morning folks. Let’s ignore the ridiculous break in protocol that’s seen the selfie thread appear before the daily one. Too early for all that. Not much going on here today, waiting for more boxes on the packing front. Going to make a three bean chilli in the slow cooker in a bit, then go for a walk.

Pretty rough from not drinking enough water yesterday then having 2 strong ipas before bed.

Hopefully, get some work finished off today. And it stays nice until 3 to get in a beer garden. Or might be cans in the park.

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Friday thread here guys:

A combined Friday and selfie thread? Nope, not having that.


I just assumed you guys always combined them.

Apparently when my snoring gets bad, Mrs F puts a hand on my back and rocks me a little like a baby and that shuts me up, I’m completely oblivious to this. You’ll get better soon GP, hang in there!

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Somebody isn’t feeling it today


Cat got on top of a big pile of boxes and was checking out some records until I tried to take a photo and she went all cool and nochalant…


That’s what you get for assuming! No they’re seperate usually, the selfie thread starts late morning as a rule, but there are no rules so let’s just go with it!

Assume makes an arsehole out of you


What a B E A UUUUUtiful day - gonna spend the day making to do lists for my team while i’m off on holibobs for the next two weeks, then go out climbing this evening.

I just get a full shove and told “ROLL OVER”

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ive got an interview at 9 :open_mouth: drinking coffee to calm my nerves

Yeah that’s her Plan B, but with a lot more swearing.

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Good luck AV :crossed_fingers:


Good luck with the interview.


Still sitting in my dressing gown, checking emails.

Got a meeting with a potential client down in Canterbury later on this morning. Will probably have an amble around the city while I’m there.


Morning all! Going to work from home this morning purely because I haven’t got up in time to make it in for a reasonable time. Will go in at lunchtime for fish n chips. Got all next week off!

Morning all. Happy Friday!!!

That’s very kind. My partner just kicks me awake and makes me put one of those nasal strips on.

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