Do they work? Been thinking about trying them.

Depends, there are 3 types of snorer -

Hi team, been a bad week mental health wise, but the weekend is here, it’s pay day early next week, and it’s the royal wedding / BBQ day tomorrow. Excellent. Also, LCD Soundsystem NEXT weekend, which should be amazing.

Going to get a breakfast item. Looking forward to it a lot, which is sad.

Spent a few days not using my hearing aid thanks to lack of batteries and my brain has retrained to not using it, so going back to it this morning feels a little off. Won’t take too long.

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That’s kind of sweet. Apparently my gf piches her nose and puts her hand over my mouth as if she’s trying to suffocate me, which supposedly works. I’m not sure whether I’m more disturbed about how she came about finding this out or the fact that I’ve not once woken up while she was doing it.

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Definitely open mouth. But I knew that because of the state of dribble in the morning.

It’s amazing what handy tips you pick up during an attempted murder.

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Having a bit of a shocker today. out of the office for the next three week on two business trips and some annual leave in between. need to get packed and do a load of prep for the trip, and pick up some dry cleaning, have a haircut etc. current got a case of the epimers due to some medication i’m currently on which isn’t really helping with general stress and anxiety.

anyway, happy friday!

Not much on today. I’m going to go to Westfield tonight to do a bit of shopping for my holiday next week as I feel like I don’t really have any nice stuff to wear. It’s also payday - yipppeeee!!

Bf is out at golf (again!!!) tonight so will just grab a solo dinner somewhere.

Anyone got experience of selling furniture? Did you use Facebook/Gumtree/eBay? How long does it tend to take? (Got a month before a move)

I know my sister sells a lot of stuff on Facebook, I think it’s easier cause it’s more localised and obviously furniture is collection only so you want local people to see it rather than time wasters who are miles away.

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I really cba today. Got a tonne on and not engaged with work anymore at all.


very hungry. like, very hungry. i did have breakfast but i might have to go and get a second one.

plasticmike is away this weekend so i have planned:

tonight: :bike: club drinks
tomorrow: dunno really
sunday: bbr (big bike ride)

Yeah good point.

have you offered it to your buyers via your EA?

Morning all. I’m going to spend today making football quizzes, then another band rehearsal tonight.

Tomorrow I’ve got a contest with my old band at lunchtime in Leicester, then a gig with my new band in the evening at Gloucester Cathedral. Scary and busy day. I also get paid, but once I’ve paid my bills and covered the debt I got into this month, I’ll be back at zero. Great month of terror ahead.

Yeah, that would have been the dream scenario. Thought it would be the obvious solution since the buyers are the council but they said no.

Oh, I’m also really hungry (solidarity @plasticniki), but I have literally no money so we’ll see how far through the day I get. Maybe there’ll be some cakes somewhere in this office…

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balls. I think as recommended above Facebook might be the way to go, but I’d expect timewasters with both facebook and ebay unfortunately.

Forgot my pass and it’d easier to just walk back home and get it than to go through additional security rigmarole, this meant not getting a seat with my team.

eating lunch at quarter past ten bc I have to be out of here by eleven

  • fine bc time and lunch is a construct enforced by the hegemony
  • ooh my name is theresa may look at me not thinking this is fine

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also trying to post this, I had to click exit on one of those adverts where you hover the cursor over it and then it deafens you