You know how to give an audience what it wants laelfs.


I do it all for the fans jezza


just had bacon and hash brown in a brioche bun :ok_hand:


Hey UP, how’s it going?

I’ve got loads of GDPR, contracts and legal documents to read through today.
If I send them all to you can you read through and send me back a bullet pointed summary of each cos I totally can’t be fucked?! :grinning::wink:

Morning. TV’s WFH today so we’re gonna go to yoga together at lunch then after work we’re heading to Nottingham to see my dad for the weekend. My mum’s back in the motherland for a bit so we’re going to keep him company and have a BBBQ while he has a rant about the royal wedding. Also meeting up with my best mate from school on Saturday which will be good as I haven’t seen her in two years.

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niki that sounds absolutely peng!

I think I’m gonna have to duck out of the office here and go and get a bacon sanga off the girl who looks like a young Jennifer Connelly.

Hey man, I’m good!

but no, I’m not doing your boring legal shite, sorry. :rofl::joy: I need to go and get my face and frock on and get myself to 29!

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it was very good

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Morning all!

I’ve written a vague reference for a rubbish student and a glowing nomination for another one to be SQA Young Person of The Year.

I’m flying to Prague at four and I haven’t started unpacking my clothes in the new house. I also haven’t got any holiday money.

just listened to the song Controversy by Prince for the first time the other day, that’s a great song! Going to put it on now

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Still in bed tbh

Probably a good thing your work was cancelled today then!

I think I’m just gonna listen to the new GAS on a loop, keep my head down and hope today flies by. Might get a cuzzer buzzer for lunch.

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that went well i think? more coffee and a cakey and roll on 5 o clock beers :beers:


This is maybe one for the things you’ve just realised thread, but I only realised that the “gang called the Disciples” in the song was a real gang.

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just a lemon curd muffin thing from neros innit but thats ok coz im going to levenshulme market tonight so ill scran the fuck down then

But also me (you)

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jesus imagine being rich enough to afford the cakes at coffee shops :wink:


also better coffee :man_shrugging: thx bbz

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True masters are at leat 300K you amateur

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