Alright! I’ve been up since 4am with the sun, which is kinda annoying but also I do love this part of the day when it’s quiet and still.

Busy day at work today and then it’s the WEEKEND!! I’m going to go to a friend’s birthday, then see another couple of buddies and go and watch QOTSA. Not too bad I suppose.


Woooooooooo right I’ve got a belly full of wine and steak.
Think the fellow I’m with wants to go tonto, let’s see how this pans out.


Baby slept for 6hrs. Godsend. More baby related activities today


Up early to go to the gym. Regretting it already.

Morning. Took forever to get to sleep last night, and feel rubbish as a result this morning. Zzzz.

Why was I awake at 5:30 ffs?

My baby wake you up?


Last teaching day for me until August (although I’m still catching stragglers next week.) I’m mainly interviewing students and assessing presentations today.

Travelling back to North Tyneside for the wedding of two ATDs.

I’ve marked 26% of my exam scripts. Only 118 left.


Currently sitting in a waiting room clutching a vial of my own wee, hbu?


First day in the office since last Friday. Someone’s leaving lunch which will probably be somewhere I don’t want to go.

Giving blood at half 3, which is a good excuse to get away early-ish.

No plans at all for the rest of the weekend. Probably flat hunt a bit.

I’ve lost my vial of your wee, sorry

Ffs, that one was a bit of a struggle. You’ll have to wait a while now.

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6music killing it today with female only music and djs. I’m caring for my baby whilst waiting for family members to get up. Happy Friday peeps x

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I drank mine. (Quite hoppy) Was I not supposed to?

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I feel like this should be an exam question. How many exam scripts did Keith start off with?



Got really sweaty in bed last night and not in a sexy way, grim.

Had brekkie. Wfh again, builders again. Pretty bored of this. Glad it’s Friday

Morning, off to the gp in a minute. Then got our ‘away day’ where we get to sit around and discuss the reasons why so many people have left recently. Can’t wait.


No, you’re supposed to wash your eyes with it.

TV decided she wanted to get an early bus to work, I got up to walk her to the bus, which she then missed.

I’m now in work an hour early so I’m going to do the square root of fuck all. No-one is in the office so it’s a bit eerie.

This sounds like great management giving your current employees all the sound and logical reasons the ex-employees have just left.

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