Last day before a w e e k o f f and I am very excited.

Also my last day in my current posting, so I’m guessing a card and some public embarassment are incoming at some point.

No idea how is going to all go down. We’ve got a new starter as well this week, poor boy.

Are you going into a new post in the same organisation?

You close enough to the end of your notice period to call everyone out yet?

Yeah. I’m on a grad scheme so move about every six months or so.

Need a good reference innit. Think everyone else might do it for me.

Still planning related?

Morning all.

We had kimchi with dinner last night and it turns out the pot it came in doesn’t seal fully back up. Now the whole house now smells like fermented cabbage, chilli and garlic. It’s… pungent.

Already cranked out almost 60 hours work this week so hoping I can take it a bit easier today and gently glide into the weekend.

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hi there. working fae glasgow today. saw deadpool 2 last night, that was a good lark

Oh yeah!

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Ahoy hoy. Got a pretty sweet weekend planned, drinking with some m9s by the thames in Chiswick tomorrow for a birfday then meeting some other m9s for dinner. Sunday is England vs Scotchland in the cricket.

Hayfever update:


Agree! Although was so excited to hear Mary-Anne because (a) she’s incredible and (b) it gave me a fleeting minute of excitement that it was really the weekend. Bittersweet!

Would love a service that texts me if someone other than Keaveny is on the breakfast show so I can listen again


We had some of that purple Chinese mega garlic with dinner last night. It was delicious and it’s now seeping from my pores. Love garlic. The Chinese - great bunch of garlic-growing lads.


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Is your answer: “I’m going on a big holiday”?

Got an actual work related meeting on site later this morning. This means having to put actual proper work clothes on during the day. This does not feel right.

wooo! I’m going to Corby


Nearly had an accident on the way to work as a lorry pulled onto the A23 at 10mph when the rest of the traffic was doing 70. Today’s a day when I’m very glad my brakes are in good nick :confused:

At least it’s a fairly quiet day at work.